Where is the cheapest IVF in the world?

The answer is of course Iran. But to understand why, we will have to go over a few specific reasons:
. Due to the economic conditions and the depreciation of Iran’s currency, the costs are much lower than other countries when paid for in dollars.
. Another reason that helps reduce the costs is the long-standing healthcare system, high number of specialist doctors and private medical centers.
. Many IVF drugs are produced in Iran’s advanced pharmaceutical companies which leads to lower prices when acquired inside the country.
. The importance of having children in Iran and the focus of the Iranian government on growing the population has brought special attention to infertility treatments and led to the allocation of funds and resources to this particular medical field.
. Also, couples who decide to use a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy to term will have to meet the surrogate mother’s needs for the 9-month period which will include paying for food and accommodation. And since the general price of food and accommodation services in Iran is considerably cheaper compared to other countries, this in turn would help bring down the total cost of the procedure.
The points mentioned above, when combined with the fact that Iranian doctors and clinics have always offered medical services of the highest grade, put Iran in quite a unique position and make it a very attractive choice for couples considering surrogacy or donor eggs as an option on their path to parenthood.

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