The most successful HIPEC surgery for the first time in Iran

The most successful HIPEC surgery for the first time in Iran

Members of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Oncology Surgery Team successfully completed HIPEC surgery, including extensive resection of disseminated tumor in the peritoneal cavity and subsequent chemotherapy of abdominal hyperthermia with a special pump.

The oncologist of the team said, the patient was a 60-year-old woman with colorectal and ovarian cancer who has undergone intra-abdominal dissection, followed by intra-abdominal chemotherapy with a special HIPEC pump device for 90 minutes.


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 Dr. Majid Akrami said that the patient is now in a good condition, adding: “In 30-40% of cases, the patient will receive definitive treatment.”

Previously, if the disease had symptoms of intra-abdominal tumor spread, no definitive treatment would have been considered.

He added: Peritoneal or intra-abdominal chemotherapy is at high temperature (42 degrees) during surgery, and in some patients undergoing this treatment, this type of chemotherapy has more efficacy, less damage than intravenous chemotherapy. The usual way is done, followed by.

“This treatment is currently being used in colon, stomach, and ovarian cancers that have spread to the abdomen,” Dr. Akrami said.

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