Peyronie’s disease Natural Treatment

Natural penile curvature

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Many men have cured their Peyronie’s disease through the alternative medical approach of specific nutritional supplements, self-massage and topical treatments. These are the most common and effective natural treatments proven to reverse Peyronie’s disease and return the shape of the penis to normal:

. Castor oil: To treat Peyronie’s disease naturally apply castor oil on the penis, particularly on the scar tissue and the plaque spots. The oil liquefies and softens the hard tissues and works effectively for the sufferers. The remedy takes about 12 weeks for the improvement and to completely straighten the penis. The result may vary from individual to individual.

Also, it may take between 2-3 weeks until you see a difference in the appearance of the penis. Ensure you buy castor oil from a good brand and massage a small amount of the oil on the affected area. Then put a cotton bandage on it. Apply the oil every night at bedtime for best results.

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. Acetyl-L-carnitine: One can use carnitine supplements as they are very effective and safe for treating Peyronie’s disease. You can purchase Acetyl-L-carnitine from health food stores. This has proven to be more effective than the counterparts available in the market. The dosage for the supplement is provided on the bottle.

. Gotu Kola: Use herbs like Gotu Kola as they help decrease the problems related to the formation of fibrous tissue below the skin. The herb is useful in the treatment of the curvature of the penis. It is made available in the form of an ointment, capsule, and tincture. Some of the common side-effects associated with the consumption of gotu kola include headache, dizziness, upset stomach, and nausea. This herb in some cases can also interact with certain diabetes and cholesterol-lowering medications. Therefore, it is always advised to consult a specialist before using gotu kola for the natural treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

. Vitamin E: Small studies have reported improvements with vitamin E taken by mouth (oral). But larger studies have not been done to prove that this treatment works. Still, this is an easy, low cost treatment choice.



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