Penile curvature 30 degrees

Penile curvature 30 degrees

Is it Normal for a Penis to Curve?

Penis curvature can be completely normal. In fact, a curved penis is pretty common. Some penises curve left or right, up or down. It can be totally normal for a penis to have a mild curve. But what is a mild curve for a penis? Curves of 30 degrees or less that are not painful or worsening do not typically require treatment (Brant, 2018).

Basically, a curved penis typically does not need medical intervention if:

. Isn’t greater than a 30° curve

. Isn’t steadily increasing

. Doesn’t cause any pain (especially during sex)

If you’re experiencing pain or your penis curve is increasing, you might have Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes painful erections, significant bending, and other complications due to fibrous scar tissue in the penis. Peyronie’s disease can worsen with time, so talk to your healthcare provider if you’re experiencing any symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

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4 Responses

  1. hey I’m John 34 years old lately I’ve been seeing documents about curved penises and a condition name penile curvature?…

    1. hey John, if the bend is bad enough, such as greater than 30 degrees, the curve can interfere with sex. A man with Peyronie’s disease may also notice that this condition affects their mental health. Changes in the penis can cause body image issues, anxiety or even depression

  2. Hello I’m 20 and I just had a question, I’ve looked at photos of what Peyronie’s disease looks like and it doesn’t look like what I’m seeing at all, there is no shortening in length and weird shapes, everyone I see is suddenly turning and almost look broke, mine has curved ever since I was little however it’s as the whole thing is one smooth turning curve not instant and broken looking, I’ve suffered no pain and I don’t think I feel any of so called plaques(could be wrong) does this sound like it’s alright and I don’t have it. Or is it just possible I’m part of that 1 percent that has a curved penis but no disease

    1. hello James. you need to get a consult with your doctor to determine that or message our agents so that we can get an online consult for you and determine that.

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