Nadia’s successful experience with surrogacy and egg donation in Iran (2022)

Nadia’s successful experience with surrogacy and egg donation in Iran (2022)

My name is Sama and I’m the head of the infertility and gynecology department at Iranian Surgery. I help couples facing infertility issues find the most suitable and affordable IVF clinics in Iran so that they can start their treatment as soon as possible. And if they are good candidates or merely interested, I also walk them through our Surrogacy plans and donor programs and give them a chance to make a more informed decision. I’m dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming service, making sure that everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout their journey towards parenthood. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true!

Due to a past medical issue, Nadia had a hysterectomy and approached us for surrogacy. We will be sharing her treatment journey in Iran, including ultrasound and BHCG test results indicating a positive pregnancy.

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I am Nadia from Oman. I am 40 years old. My husband and I came to Iran because my husband needed an operation. We had to stay in Iran for 10 days. I had heard that in Iran offers surrogacy services, which means the embryo is our own, but another woman carries is to term.

I started searching on the internet and got in contact with the Iranian Surgery team, it took three days for them to answer me, I got in touch with someone named Sama. I explained my situation to her and said that I am in Iran and I want to meet the doctor to get more information.

Sama asked about my age, my husband’s age and other details. She came to our hotel and we went to the clinic together. I met the doctor and we talked. He asked me to do an ultrasound because of my age. I did the ultrasound. The doctor said: unfortunately, women at my age tend to suffer from diminished ovarian reserve which makes pregnancy difficult, that’s why he recommended that I do the AMH test. Unfortunately, I had poor egg quality and he said that the success rate of artificial insemination with my eggs is between 10 to 20 percent. So, the doctor suggested using a donor egg.

Sama and I went back to the hotel, she explained everything to my husband in detail and let us make the final decision. Finally, we decided to use donor eggs.

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One of my husband’s main concerns was getting the child out of the country. Sama came and talked with us for an hour and a half and answered all our questions and addressed all our concerns. I felt relieved when she said that they had already helped other couples from Oman become parents through surrogacy.

When we returned to Oman, we had to deposit an amount into an account in Oman so that the treatment process of the woman who donated her eggs could begin.

My husband and I had no idea what our blood type was, after the examination, I told them the result and sent copies of our passports. The process began. It took 20 days to find a suitable donor. We saw the female donor and were happy with their choice.

We returned to Iran after 10 days so that my husband could give his sperm and the embryo could be formed. When we arrived in Iran, they welcomed us at the airport, it was a very nice welcome. They gave us a bouquet of flowers. I was very surprised, I did not expect such a warm welcome.

They had booked us a room in Shiraz hotel for 4 days and thank God everything went so well. they took us to the hotel so that we could take some rest. Sama came early the next morning.

My husband had to take a covid test and a blood test. After that we went back to the clinic to complete the preliminary steps. We signed a letter of attorney to allow the Iranian surgery to act on our behalf. A person named Mohammad became responsible for taking care of the legal procedures on our behalf during the 9-month period. The letter of attorney was in Farsi, so they brought someone from the judiciary to explain the text to us in Arabic.

On Tuesday morning, we went to the clinic to get my husband’s sperm sample and the eggs were also collected from the donor. These were busy until noon. We went back to the hotel to get some rest. In the evening they took us to a shopping mall called Hyperstar and I bought some things for my daughter. Yes, I have a daughter but I always wanted to have at least two children.

This time, I was hoping that my child would be a boy, but I did not do the PGD test and put my trust in God. Sama called us after 20 days and sent us a photo of the surrogate mother. Unlike the donor of the egg, the surrogate mother has no genetic influence on the child in terms of shape and stature. We agreed with their choice, the doctor also confirmed that her uterus was healthy and the embryo transfer was done on the 19th day of her period. Sama called two weeks later and informed us that the surrogate was pregnant. They performed the beta-hCG test twice. Beta levels increased in the second test, which Sama said is a sign of fetal health.

They sent us a video of the fetal heartbeat on day 35. I watched this video every night before going to sleep. It was a wonderful feeling.

Every week I asked Sama about the condition of the fetus and the mother. He sent pictures a few times. I never though one day my dream would come true.

To ensure the health of the fetus, an ultrasound was performed in the third month. I could see the baby’s hands, feet, face, and nose. It was the best feeling I had ever had.

Sama said: NIPT analysis was done in the fourth month, most likely the gender of the fetus can be determined through this test, but the final result can only be seen through ultrasound.

It took about 3 weeks to get the results, because it is a test that detects potential genetic disorders in the fetus and it takes a long time. During these three weeks, I felt the baby’s presence waiting patiently to know the gender.

Finally, one day at five o’clock in the evening, I received a text message from Sama that said the results were out and that the fetus was a boy. I couldn’t stop my tears of joy for half an hour.

Although this test is 95% accurate, I decided to wait until getting the ultrasound results and not tell my husband. Two days later they did the ultrasound and sent me the picture and video, it was a boy, I didn’t know how to thank God for this blessing.

Now that I am talking to you, our surrogate mother is sixth-month pregnant. And everything is fine. I thank Sama, I am very grateful, she supported us this whole time. I also want to thank the Iranian Surgery. I decided to write this for couples who want to go through with surrogacy in Iran but have their doubts or worries. Like not knowing know how they can be sure of the surrogate mother’s health and child care during the nine-month period. God willing, after the birth of the child, I will write the rest of my story. I hope God does not deprive anyone of the blessing of having children.

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