Mir Hosseini Hospital

Mir Hosseini Hospital



Mir Hosseini Hospital was established in 1981 by Dr. Mashaollah Mir Hosseini and his wife Dr. Shahin Movahed with 70 hospital beds on Hijrat Street. Initially, the emergency department and the office were established, and after 3 years, the maternity ward was established. During the construction period, the hospital officials also developed and equipped the physical equipment, and the ICU and paraclinical wards were set up.

At present, the hospital is one of the best hospitals in Shiraz, by taking advantage of the existing potential and relying on its brilliant history and good name, it has the honor of serving its dear fellows. Currently, the hospital has been purchased by the following esteemed board of directors and is ready to serve our dear compatriots and fellow citizens.

Hospital Facilities and Services
This hospital is one of the best and most equipped medical centers in Shiraz. In this center, all kinds of diagnostic and treatment services with the highest level of quality are offered to dear compatriots and international patients; To be at your service with the most equipped equipment in the world and the best comfort and welfare facilities.

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The Most Up-to-date Equipment

Mir Hosseini Hospital, with the cooperation of several experienced doctors and the country’s top surgeons, is proud to be at your service with the best comfort facilities and up-to-date medical equipment in the world.

Health Reconstruction

Mir Hosseini Hospital is a specialized center for providing various medical services, which works with specialized and experienced physicians in the field of problem solving and health reconstruction under the license of the Ministry of Health.

Hospital Units


. Maternity block

. Emergency

. Surgical ward 1

. Department of Surgery 2

. Surgical ward 3

. Administrative departments


. International Patients Department (IPD) has actively provided international patient with high quality services in the hospital.

. Active presence of IPD physicians and nurses in the hospital.

. Brochures written in both English and Arabic languages provide patients with all the necessary information about the hospital.

. The hospital benefits from the staff speaking both Arabic and English languages.

. Founders of Mir Hosseini Hospital have utilized modern technology as well as specialty and subspecialty medical teams who are highly experienced and skilled.

. Easy Scheduling (You can easily book an appointment for your treatment at the hospital).



. Dr. Amin Rastgoo

. Dr. Mojtaba Rezaei

. Dr. Mohammad Reza Sharifi

. Dr. Nima Derakhshan

. Dr. Navid Farzin

. Dr. Fardin Ranjbar

. Dr. Mehran Sedaghat

. Dr. Ali Razmcon

. Dr. Bijan Zamani Zadeh

. Dr. Seyed Hossein Asaei


. Dr. Maryam Shenasa

. Dr. Ali Akbar Akramifard

. Dr. Golnaz Qaraati Jahromi

. Dr. Mohammad Ali Hosseini

. Dr. Kambiz Golestani

. Dr. Azita Kafilzadeh

. Dr. Farhad Shahian Jahromi

. Dr. Heidar Ali Mosuli

. Dr. Ramin Asadollahi

. Dr. Vahid Khaloo


. Dr. Asieh Barzegarian

. Dr. Maryam Ravanbad Shirazi

. Dr. Saedeh Mokhtarshahi

. Dr. Zeinab Ansari

. Dr. Seyedeh Zahra Tabatabai

. Dr. Masoumeh Sheibani

. Dr. Fataneh Iftikhar

. Dr. Mahsa Razeghi

. Dr. Lida Ghaedian Ronizi

. Dr. Maryam Kashif

. Dr. Maria Telem

. Dr. Keramatullah Mazlum

. Dr. Maryam Pishvaei


. Dr. Fatemeh Ahmadpour

. Dr. Solmaz Netanyahu

plastic and cosmetic surgery Specialist

. Dr. Sina Ghiasi Hafezi

. Dr. Saeed Marzban

. Dr. Vahid Einabadi

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. Dr. Mohammad Ghanbari

. Dr. Marjan Tayari

. Dr. Alireza Astaneh

. Dr. Reza Rahimi

. Dr. Mohammad Zamani

. Dr. Munir Shad Del

. Dr. Gholam Ali Marzban

. Dr. Mehdi Zadmehr

. Dr. Khalil Hosseinpour Fardi

. Dr. Ismail Emami Nia

. Dr. Mahmoud Kamalzadeh

. Dr. Mahmoud Reza Aram

. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Moallem

Therapeutic Tourist

. Dr. Mahmoudreza Aram

. Mrs. Elmira Golzar


. Dr. Mojdeh Dastgheib

. Dr. Seyed Behrouz Dashti

Orthopedic Specialist

. Dr. Majid Abedi

. Dr. Amir KhazenChin

. Dr. Ali Azad

. Dr. Hossein Ettehadi

. Dr. Mohammad Javad Farahani

. Dr. Hamid Yousefi

. Dr. Ahmad Nekouei

. Dr. Farid Shahrivar

. Dr. Ali Haghighat

. Dr. Darab Younesi

. Dr. Hossein Alamzadeh

. Dr. Arash Amini

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

. Dr. Mehdi Johedrie

. Dr. Ali Rahimi

. Dr. Ayat Pozesh

General Surgeons

. Dr. Afrooz Sadeghi Sarvestani

. Dr. Ali Radmehr

. Dr. Mohammad Javidi

. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Horang

. Dr. Enayatullah Dehghani


. Dr. Seyed Alireza Moniri


. Dr. Seyed Aliakbar Razavi

. Dr. Seyed Aliakbar Banihashemi

. Dr. Reza Keshavarzi

ENT Specialist
. Dr. Mohammadreza Kamali Ardekani

. Dr. Saeed Rezatofighi

. Dr. Yalda Izadparast

. Dr. Adib Molai Sisakht

. Dr. Mohsen Roshani

. Dr. Mehrdad Amirabadi

. Dr. Behrouz Gandomi

Infectious Disease Specialist

. Dr. Seyed Kamran Salamian

Medical Center Facilities

Surgery room






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