types of breast augmentation techniques

breast augmentation type

Five Extravagant Breast Augmentation Procedures

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentations Using Stem Cells

This article is an overview of the experiences of different plastic surgeons on the types of breast augmentation

Growing concerns have emerged over the clinical practices and marketing claims made by the plastic surgery community promoting stem cell use in fat transfers. The term “stem cells” is hyped by the media and used by some surgeons like an everyday word. A small group of unethical practitioners are deliberately misleading and exploiting the public with false claims. Therefore, a task force was convened to address the false advertising claims that are not substantiated by scientific evidence.

The task force was made up of two of the world’s largest organizations of board-certified plastic surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). They issued a joint position statement during The Aesthetic Meeting 2011, the annual meeting of ASAPS.

“This is a good option for women who are not interested in having implants, have some excess fat in other areas of their body, and want a fuller look to their breasts,” plastic surgeons says. It can also be used to correct size discrepancies between the two breasts.



Weight-Loss Assisted Breast Reconstruction

The Cleveland Clinic is performing a relatively new breast procedure that’s been a breakthrough for obese women who are breast cancer survivors.

“In the past, obese patients who underwent a mastectomy were not candidates for breast reconstruction, in part because of the risks associated with operating on a patient with a high BMI, but also because implants are not made to properly fit the body of an obese woman,” says Abby Linville, Communications Associate for the Cleveland Clinic. “So, the doctors started a program that helped the women lose weight, get down to a healthy BMI, and then, using the excess tissue from the abdomen, they recreate a new, natural-looking breast,” Linville says.

It’s a medical trifecta-a woman overcomes breast cancer, loses weight, and emerges with a new, healthier-looking body, including a reconstructed breast and tummy tuck, all in one.


The Pastry Bag Boob Job

You wouldn’t try to push a water balloon through a buttonhole, right? Common sense says no-the balloon would burst and create a mess! Plastic surgeons are faced with a similar task each time they insert a silicone breast implant into a small incision site.

Dr. Keller turned to the kitchen-literally-and found the perfect inspiration: the funnel-shaped pastry bag. In 2009 the KELLER FUNNEL was introduced to U.S. plastic surgeons and today nearly 20 percent of all silicone gel breast implant procedures are conducted using the specially coated nylon tool.


Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation

Matthew R. Schulman, M.D. board certified plastic surgeon and Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine has introduced a new method of breast augmentation using Botulinum Toxin, or Botox. According to Dr. Schulman Botox-Assisted Breast Augmentation has two major advantages – less post-operative pain and a more rapid final cosmetic result.  “In comparing breast augmentation cases done with and without Botox, our before and after photos show those surgeries done with Botox reveal one month results comparable to the four month results of surgeries done without Botox.”

The procedure is done as a standard breast augmentation where the implant is placed under the muscle. (This is the preferred position of implantation.)  After the muscle has been elevated, Botulinum Toxin is then injected into the muscle before the implant is placed.  This partially paralyzes the chest muscle, resulting in less muscle spasms that naturally occurs during the healing process, and dramatically reduces patient discomfort.


Injectable Fillers to Plump the Bust

you’ve probably heard of injectable fillers like Restylane being used to plump up your lips or cheeks to give your face a more youthful look. And now an injectable filler that’s similar to Restylane called Macrolane is being used throughout Europe and Mexico to boost breasts and butts too!

Macrolane is designed specifically for body shaping, and the company that makes it says results can last up to 12 months with a single treatment. In 2009 several media outlets reported that actress Jennifer Aniston used the substance to add fullness to her breasts, but it’s important to note that it’s not yet available for this type of use in the U.S. If deemed safe here in the U.S. for injecting into larger areas, Macrolane can give women a non-surgical alternative to boosting their bustlines.

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