How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle?

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle?

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle?

Many women want to have breast augmentation surgery, but there’s one thing that holds them back – the prospect of pain during the recovery process. and with having to decide between under or over the muscle implant this becomes even more complicated. Understandably, some women don’t want to endure a painful recovery, even if the promising result is a boost of confidence and achieving your aesthetic results. If worries about pain are holding you back, know that Iranian Surgery skilled surgeons know how to minimize recovery pain for your breast augmentation patients. in this post you will lean specifically about pain during/after under the muscle breast implant.

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Under-The-Muscle?

Having implants under the muscle tends to be more painful than over the muscles as your surgeon will need to make an incision in the muscle, as well as the breast tissue, to create the ‘pocket’ that your breast implant will fit inside.

You can expect to feel the most pain in the first one to three days after surgery. Your breasts and chest are likely to feel sore but you may also feel some stabbing or shooting pains. Your surgeon will prescribe you with pain medication to manage this. You’re likely to experience less intense pain after under-the-muscle breast augmentation if you do the following:

. Choose an experienced and highly qualified surgeon

. Choose implants that are the right size for your frame

Follow your surgeon’s instructions for how to control the pain with medication

How Long Does the Pain Last After Breast Augmentation?

It’s normal to feel some pain in the first one to two weeks after having breast augmentation surgery. The pain will be most severe in the first few days and should gradually subside. After six weeks, any pain or unusual sensations should have gone, although it’s fairly common for patients to experience shooting pains up to six months or more after surgery. Some people also experience nerve pain, which can cause tingling, shooting pains, numbness or itching, particularly where the incision was made.

It can take over a year (or longer) for these sensations to disappear. This is because the nerves are often stretched during and after surgery and can take a long time to return to normal.

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