Problems With Breast Implants Under the Muscle

Problems With Breast Implants Under the Muscle

Problems With Breast Implants Under the Muscle

If you’re considering breast augmentation or revision, one important decision you and your surgeon will need to make together is whether to place your new breast implants over or under your chest muscle. This placement matters for a number of reasons, but it does come with its problems or disadvantages

How Do Breast Implant Placement Options Compare?

Breast implant placement is critical to providing a patient with the best aesthetic results, as well as to prevent issues, such as capsular contracture and implant rippling, from occurring. During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are either placed underneath a patient’s breast tissue but over their chest muscles, or underneath their breast tissue and partially under their pectoralis major chest muscle. Placement in both locations can produce satisfactory results; however, there are pros and cons to each option, therefore your surgeon will assess your unique body type to determine which implant position is right for you.

Under The Muscle Placement

The term submuscular, or “under the muscle”, implant placement is somewhat misleading: while the breast implant is placed underneath a patient’s skin, fat, glands, and pectoralis major muscle (the outermost chest muscle), most surgeons actually place the implant on top of the inner pectoralis minor and serratus muscles so that the pectoralis major muscle covers the top and side of the implant. This leaves the bottom and outer edge of the implant covered only by the patient’s natural breast tissue.

Pros of submuscular placement:

. Provides more tissue coverage over the implant in the upper pole.

. Creates a smoother transition from the chest wall to the implant.

. Achieves the most natural-looking result.

. Submuscular implants interfere less with mammography.

Cons of submuscular placement:

. Your surgeon will have to cut and detach your pectoralis major muscle.

. Implants may become distorted when the chest muscle contracts.

. Higher chance of the implant migrating upwards and towards the armpit.

. Higher chance of secondary deformities, such as “double-bubble” deformity, along the lower pole of the breast.

. Slightly longer and more uncomfortable surgery and recovery period.

. Diminished strength in the chest muscles after surgery.

Problems with Breast Implants Under the Muscle

One of the downsides of this type of breast implant placement is that the surgeon needs to detach the pectoralis major muscle. This is what leads to decreased strength in the chest following the surgery. There’s also an increased chance of deformities like double-bubble along the lower pole of the breast.

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