Do Implants Look Smaller Than Sizers

Do Implants Look Smaller Than Sizers

Do Implants Look Smaller Than Sizers

Q: Do the breast implants look smaller than the sizers once placed under the muscle? I'm worried my 400-cc silicone is too big. I liked the sizer and my doctor told me it would look smaller.

A: Here is what to consider:

Sizers will tend to look larger than implants. Implants are covered by tissue, sizers are not. You may need a larger implant, so return to your board-certified plastic surgeon for a second fitting. The right implant depends on your chest measurements, your goals, height, weight, skin looseness, breast fullness and proportions – as well as implant placement and profile. Implants over the muscle tend to look fuller than implants under. The final bra size truly depends on bra style – a woman can be a B, C or D, depending on the bra. To go from an A to a C will usually take more than a 260-cc implant. Check with your surgeon to be sure that you are on the right track.

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