Do Implants Under the Muscle Look Smaller?

Do Implants Under the Muscle Look Smaller?

Do Implants Under the Muscle Look Smaller?

Although submuscular placement is the more popular choice for breast implants these days among plastic surgeons and patients alike, some women may have concerns that their preferred implant size may appear smaller if placed under the muscle.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of submuscular placement, along with a few tips that may help you feel more confident about achieving breast augmentation results that match your expectations.

What Happens after Placement

The chest muscles are fairly dense, so it makes sense to think that placing breast implants behind that muscular wall could cause a more flattened appearance compared to implants sitting on top of the muscle. In reality, the tissues surrounding the implant — which are initially quite tight — gradually relax as healing progresses, and pressure on the implants eases up. This process, which occurs over the first few months after surgery, is referred to as “dropping and fluffing.”

That being said, the implants are still covered by muscle as well as breast tissue, so plastic surgeons may compensate for the potential of this compression by slightly adjusting the implant volume a bit higher. This amount is rarely a significant increase, perhaps around 30 to 50 ccs, depending on factors like your frame, your appearance goals and whether saline or silicone breast implants are being used.

Benefits Of Sub Muscular Breast Implants

The greatest benefit of sub muscular breast implants is that the probability of these implants being visible or palpable is greatly reduced. Moreover, the additional layers of natural anatomical tissue here not only ensure the implant is completely covered but also minimizes the probability of wrinkles forming and any distortion of the implant shell.

Moreover, the surrounding muscles provide long-term support to the implants when compared to sub-glandular implant placement. This is because the implants placed under the chest muscles tend to ‘ride higher’ and with the additional support of the pectoralis muscles, the muscles tend to age better than sub glandular implants.

This, however, does not guarantee that there will not by any sagging of the original breast tissue on top of the implant. Another benefit of sub muscular breast implants is that these implants experience a lower incidence of capsular contractions than sub glandular implants.

Last, but not least, the under the muscle placement procedure separates the breast glands and tissues visualized during a mammography screening. This thus provides for clearer views during breast cancer screening and a lower chance of any complications occurring to taint test results.

Surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation keep all this in mind so that they can help you achieve the curves you are looking for after the breast implant surgery.

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