My experience with egg donation and IVF in Iran

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My experience with egg donation and IVF in Iran

In this article, we see and read in detail the artificial insemination experience of one of the patients who came from Oman.

My name is Sama and I’m the head of the infertility and gynecology department at Iranian Surgery. I help patients facing infertility issues find the most suitable and affordable clinics in Iran so that they can start their treatment as soon as possible. I am dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming service, making sure that everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout their journey towards parenthood. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true!

تجربتي مع تبرع البويضات وتلقیح الصناعي في ایران

As a 45-year-old woman struggling with infertility, I was feeling pretty anxious and unsure about my situation. I couldn’t conceive naturally using my own eggs. After researching online, I found out that using donor eggs could increase my chances of success with IVF. I reached out to several agencies and institutes, but ultimately chose to work with Sama, a gynecologist with a lot of experience treating international patients. I have to say, I was really impressed with Sama’s compassionate and thorough explanations of the treatment process. She made me feel comfortable and confident that we were on the right path.

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Once I had arranged time off work, I scheduled an appointment with Sama and made an advance payment through an account in Oman that handled the donor’s affairs. Following the doctor’s instructions, I began taking prescribed pills while Sama coordinated with the donor to begin the medical procedure. Because I couldn’t stay in Iran for very long, efficiency was key throughout the process.

I have to say, my experience with the donor and Sama was really great. The donor was so amazing, she started taking the medications from the second day of her period and we kept in touch throughout the whole process. When my husband and I decided to deposit all the money into their account instead of taking it to Iran, they were so understanding and accommodating.

When we arrived in Iran, they greeted us with a lovely bouquet of roses and we went straight to the clinic. The next day, I had blood tests and an ultrasound scheduled at the center, and everything went smoothly. My husband needed an eye examination too, and luckily the doctor was available at his private clinic on the same day.

تجربتي مع تبرع البويضات وتلقیح الصناعي في ایران

Although he needed a cataract operation, Sama suggested we do the IVF first before the operation. It turned out to be a great decision because the operation requires anesthesia. They took care of everything for us and even took us to our hotel, which was nice and clean. Thankfully, my husband got the results of his analysis and everything was fine.

I was waiting for my period so that we could go to the clinic for a blood test, but unfortunately, it was delayed by a week due to the tension and different climates of Iran and Oman. Sama reassured me that it was okay and advised me to eat spicy food and not worry.

My husband just had his genetic test and health checkup, and everything looked good! On the 16th day, as planned, we went to the clinic and the eggs were retrieved from the donor while my husband provided a sample for fertilization.

I got my period on the 8th day and headed to the doctor on the 10th for some tests. Thankfully, my uterus checked out healthy during a TBS ultrasound. The doctor prescribed a progesterone shot, Anoxan, folic acid tablets, ASA, and vitamins to complete my treatment. We had another ultrasound scheduled for 9-11.

تجربتي مع تبرع البويضات وتلقیح الصناعي في ایران

To make things easier, a nurse came to our hotel to give me the injections – one in the muscle and the other around the navel. Meanwhile, my husband underwent cataract surgery and wore an eye patch for a day. We went back to the doctor to remove the patch and were thrilled to hear that the operation was successful!

On the 9th day, which was a Friday, and the 10th, which was a holiday in Iran, we had to wait until the 11th for our ultrasound appointment. The clinic was busy due to the holidays, but we were grateful that Sama managed to get us in quickly. During the ultrasound, the doctor recommended a PBMC procedure to increase our chances of success due to my age.

They took blood from me the next day and after 3 days I went to the doctor and injected this blood vaginally. On day 17 of my cycle, the embryos were successfully transferred.

تجربتي مع تبرع البويضات وتلقیح الصناعي في ایران

Throughout the process, the nurse came to our hotel to administer injections. The day of the transfer, I received three injections and had to take another one every two days to stabilize the fetus. The clinic provided me with all the necessary ampoules and pills and it was decided that I would take a blood test two weeks later.

After four days of traveling back and forth from the clinic to our hotel, we finally returned home to Oman. Although I missed my country, I knew that patience was key in achieving our goal.

I am so grateful to say that after waiting patiently, we received the best news ever – a positive pregnancy result! I immediately shared the news with Sama, who was an absolute rock throughout the whole process. She worked tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly for us.

During the IVF procedure, I experienced some lower abdominal pain and headaches, which I later learned can be signs of success. Now, in my first month of pregnancy, I’m thrilled to report that everything is going well. I want to share my experience with others in the hopes that it can be helpful, and I pray that all those who are struggling to conceive are blessed with a healthy child. A huge thank you to Sama and the team at Iranian Surgery for making our dream a reality.

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