Hospitals in Iran Shiraz

  1. Namazi Hospital : Fars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Namazi
  2. Abu-Ali Sina Hospital : Sadra,Fars.Iran
  3. Ordibehest Hospital : Fars Province, Shiraz, Chamran Blvd
  4. Shiraz Central Hospital (MRI) : Fars Province, Shiraz, Chamran Blvd
  5. Mir Hussein Hospital : Fars Province, Shiraz,hejrat street
  6. Dena Hospital : Fars Province, Shiraz, Bolvar-e-Sattar Khan, No. Sattar Khan cross toward north
  7. Khodadoust Hospital : Motahari Blvd, Sattar khan Sqr, Shiraz,Iran
  8. Bina gostar : Sarvenaz St, Eram St, Shiraz, Fars Provice, Binagostar eye center
  9. Kowsar Hospital : Shiraz, District 6, Mirza Koochak Khan St
  10. Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital : Iran – Fars – Shiraz – Gloshan Town
  11. Faqihi Hospital : Fars Province, Shiraz, Zand St

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Namazi Hospital

Namazi Hospital is a hospital in Namazi Square, Shiraz, Iran. It was founded by Mohammad Namazi in 1950. Mohammad Namazi founded this hospital with 22 residential villas for physicians in 1950. It was later extended in 1975 and a polyclinic building, a 6 storey parking and some affiliated buildings were constructed.

AddressFars Province, Shiraz, District 1, Namazi


Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone071 3647 4332


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Abu-Ali Sina Hospital

The first kidney transplantation in Iran was performed in shiraz ( Namazee hospital) in 1968 by saldizadeh. All of the transplanted kidneys in Iran before revolution (1979) where about 80 cases and the donor’s kidney transported to Iran form the abroad. After revolution the first living donor kidney transplantation was performed by Fazel.I in Tehran in 1985.

Kidney’s transplant wards and training centers growths dramatically, in Iran and now in the country 25 centers of kidney’s transplantation is active and each year about 1600 kidneys transplant is perform. The largest kidney transplant center starts their activity after revolution during the Iraq – Iran war while the Iran was under the sanctions and supplying the dialysis devices with commercial limitation was very difficult, and during this time there was no rule for transplantation form the cadaver and supplying the kidney form the abroad was impossible,  hence the living donor kidney transplantation was unavoidable and this program was the only solution of the problem. Prohibition of transplantation of the foreigner from Iranian live donor, paying the government to the donors and physicians, limitation protocol for donation of living unrelated donors by scientific associations is the characteristic of the Iranian model. The process of donation is organized by kidney disease support foundation which is an nongovernmental organization (NGO).  By August 2008, in Iran has performed 504 liver, 159 heart, 23 lung, 2378 bone marrow, 33,638 cornea, and 23,270 kidney transplantations. 82%; Sources of these donations were living-unrelated donor, cadaver, 10%; and living-related donor, 8%. The 3-year renal transplant patient survival rate was 92.9%, and the 40-month graft survival rate was 85.9%. The transplantation program is curently getting expanded through the construction of the Avi-Cenna (Abou Ali Sina) Transplant Hospital in Shiraz.

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Ordibehesht Hospital

Ardibehesht Shiraz Specialized and Specialized Hospital, with well-trained and skilled management, along with sympathetic and trained personnel, equipped with the latest facilities and advanced technology of the world, ready to serve all patients from all over the world, especially the Persian Gulf countries. …

AddressFars Province, Shiraz, Chamran Blvd

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone071 3333 3333

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Shiraz Central Hospital

MRI Hospital or central Hospital , is private Hospital is founded in 1996, this private Hospital with professional and experienced medicine team , equipped sections in 3 building .
several certificates ISO-19001, ISO-1801 and IMS certificate made this hospital as international hospital

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Chamran Blvd

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 071 3628 441

Dr.Mir Hussein Hospital

Mir Hosseini Hospital was established in 2008 with the help of Dr. Seyed Mashaaullah Mir Hosseini and his wife, Dr. Shahin Movahed, with four hospital beds on Higgart Street. Initially, emergency and office units were created and during the 5 year maternity ward. During the construction period, the hospital officials also developed and equiped the ICU and the paraclinical departments. The hospital is now one of the best hospitals in the city of Shiraz, taking advantage of the existing potential and is proud to serve its dear friends on the basis of its brilliant history and good name. Emergency Departments, Internal – Men & Women Surgery, Maternity, Operating Room & ICU with Internal Specialties, General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedics, Oral & Maxillofacial, Beauty, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery They are responsive to the needs of clients around the clock. Paying attention to supply and demand and providing proper services in a desirable and hygienic environment in recent years has resulted in more than 90% of hospital interior renovations.

AddressFars Province, Shiraz,hejrat street

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone071 32284433

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Dena Hospital

The atmosphere is fantastic,surrounded by lovely garden
But the stuff behavior isn’t professional,
Although its is hospital,the human rights never be the first point for management

Bottom of Form

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Bolvar-e-Sattar Khan, No. Sattar Khan cross toward north

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone071 3649 0411

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Dr. Khodadoust Hospital

Khodadoust Eye Hospital aims to be one of the successful eye Hospital in the country in the next 5 years based on the principles of  patients’ health and safety with reserved moral obligations.

Khodadoust Eye Hospital also contributes to education and research programs to encourage and facilitate world-class teaching within the region.


We are committed to:

Improve the quality of health care by employing the expert doctors and efficient human resources. By implementing safty and health standards, we will provide the highest level of health care and ophthalmology surgical practice in Fars province.

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 071 3627 7070


Eye care center in Shiraz

Binagostar eye center was founded May, 2000 to ‎provide services covering refractive surgeries (Lasik) and related Para clinical services.‎

With the beginning of its new compound in 2007, other ophthalmology services such as advanced ‎surgeries and specialized diagnosis procedures have been implemented. ‎

In this clinic the latest and most advanced technical, ophthalmological equipment in medicine with ‎a staff of the most expert surgeons of the country are available and ready to respectfully help all ‎fellow countrymen patients as well as patients visiting from foreign countries.‎

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Binagostar eye center Sarvenaz st eram st iran

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Phone: 071 3227 3726

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Kowsar Hospital

We take care of it all. The most critically ill patients, the most challenging medical problems. Minor illnesses—and chronic disease. The birth of healthy babies—and the healthy lives of older adults.

For more than a quarter of a century, Shiraz Kowsar Hospital has set the highest standard for health care—and reached and surpassed it year after year.

We are a not-for-profit, 300-bed medical center in the center of the nation’s cultural capital—and every day, hundreds of people in the region depend on us for their care. In the last 10 years alone, the hospital opened its door for nearly 1.5 million inpatient and outpatient visits by residents from throughout the South Iran.

AddressShiraz, District 6, Mirza Koochak Khan St

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 071 3614 1000

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Ghadir Mother and Child Hospital

Shiraz Ghadir Mother and Child subspecialized Hospital is located on a land with an area of 44.396 m2, with 100 beds at one of the most scenic an fine climate area of Shiraz, which was inagurated in 2009.
It is one of the biggest centers for treatment of infertility and laparoscopy in south Iran, using the modern equipments, including high-tech microinjection, equipment and devices for laparoscopy operation, etc.

AddressFars Province, Shiraz, بلوار امام رضا

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone071 3227 9702

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