How many years does a rhinoplasty last?

Are rhinoplasty results permanent?

What happens to rhinoplasty when you get old?

A nose job, also known as a rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery that modifies the form and/or function of the nose. Most people undergoing a rhinoplasty seek to make their appearance more aesthetically pleasing. However, a rhinoplasty can also improve the function of the nose, such as by improving the ability to breathe by correcting blockages in the nasal airway passages.

If you’re thinking about having a nose job, it’s natural that you would have some questions, including questions about the results of the procedure.

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Does A Nose Job Last a Lifetime?

Many plastic surgeries have long-lasting, albeit temporary results. A facelift, for example, can turn back the clock, but cannot stop the aging process forever. At some point, a person might think about having another facelift. Likewise, a liposuction procedure will remove stubborn fat bulges, but cannot prevent a person from regaining weight afterward. As a result, it’s a natural concern to wonder whether a nose job will last forever.

A rhinoplasty does permanently restructure your nose, and the results typically last for your entire life. Of course, it’s possible for your nose to alter in shape if you sustain facial trauma, such as from a car accident. In addition, the natural aging process may result in some very subtle changes to your nose.

When considering the results of a nose job, there are a couple of important points to consider. First, it will take a long time before you see the permanent results of your nose job. And second, some people opt to get a revision rhinoplasty after having the original procedure.

How Long Until I See Permanent Results from My Rhinoplasty?

It’s perfectly normal to want to see your permanent results right away! However, patience is the key when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures. Rhinoplasty is unique among plastic surgeries in that it can take a very long time for the lingering swelling to subside and for the final results to be visible.

Of course, you will see improvements within just a few weeks. During this time, the majority of the post-surgical swelling will subside. You can support this initial healing process by following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions to the letter. For example, you will need to sleep on your back with your head well elevated by pillows.

Although most of the swelling will subside in just a few weeks, some swelling will continue to linger for about a year after the procedure. You may notice that the swelling comes and goes during this time. Some patients report that the swelling seems to worsen in the morning and improve by the afternoon. The lingering swelling is why you won’t be able to see your final results for a while.

Factors That Can Affect Long-Term Rhinoplasty Results

Everyone ages a bit differently, so it is difficult to predict exactly how your results will look decades from now. Factors that can influence your long-term nose surgery outcome include:

. Techniques used during your procedure and the skill of your surgeon(Read more about : Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran)

. Your genetics

. The thickness of your nose skin

. Facial trauma

. Lifestyle choices

There are things that you can do to minimize the effects of facial aging and protect your results. These include avoiding smoking and limiting sun exposure. Our surgeons at Iranian Surgery can offer more detailed recommendations during your visit.

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Does a Nose Job Last Forever?

Does a Nose Job Last Forever?

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