ivf specialist

Dr. Jaleh Zolghadri

Iran, Tehran

About Dr. Zolghadri

Dr. Jaleh Zolghadri is a specialist reproductive medicine and Infertility, IVF and recurrent pregnancy loss since 1992 

  • Professional Work Experience

1- Specialist Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, IVF and recurrent pregnancy loss since 1992 

2- Reproductive Surgery (laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic procedures) 

3- Full Professor of OB/GYN, Consultant, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences since 1990.4- Working and supervising infertility fellowship residents in ART & Infertility ward (1991 -2020) 

5- Head of the Recurrent Abortion clinic, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (since 1998) 

6- performing many infertility techniques like Microinjection ,Zift, Egg and Embryo donation, Surrogate uterus ,Sex selection, and PGD/PGS

7-Infertility Consultant in Avicenna center  of Infertility and recurrent miscarriage 

8- Preforming many female Cosmetic surgery like Labioplasty, vaginal rejuvination, tightening and whitening  by Monaliza Laser and labia filler injection,PRP and other Aesthetic procedures.

  •  Membership in major
  • professional societies

1- Member of American Society for Reproduction Medicine (ASRM) 

2- Member of American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) 

3- Member of Middle East Fertility Society (MEFS)

4- Member of Iranian Society for Reproduction Medicine (ISRM) 

5- Member of Iranian Society of Surgeon 

6- member of American Aesthetic Surgery Society




Egg and Embryo donation



Vaginal rejuvination

Vaginal tightening 

Vaginal whitening





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