Worst Day of Rhinoplasty Recovery

Worst Day of Rhinoplasty Recovery

Worst Day of Rhinoplasty Recovery

Some recovery days after rhinoplasty will be more difficult than others. From the beginning to the end of the healing process, you will face challenges as you adjust to your new and gradually improving appearance. But which day after rhinoplasty surgery is the most difficult? In short, and this is nothing to be afraid of because it is also a milestone, your splint removal day is the worst. To understand this, consider what happens after surgery.

What Happens After Surgery?

You will experience internal swelling for the first 3 to 5 days, giving you the sensation of having a perpetually stuffy nose; an unpleasant but not particularly painful sensation.

In the weeks following surgery, your surgeon will need to remove the external splints that were placed to allow your nose to settle into the proper position. This procedure, which is usually performed between 5 and 10 days after surgery, is the first major step in your recovery.

Your surgeon will remove the internal nasal splints that supported the structure of your nose in the areas where cartilage was removed or bone was manipulated two weeks later. When the splints are removed, the inner membranes of the nose can begin to heal. The removal of internal nasal splints is a process that can cause soreness and be uncomfortable.

You may not have noticed it, yet we have already passed the worst day of recovery.

It is the first step: The day the external splints and adhesives are removed is typically considered the worst day in the rhinoplasty recovery period. Until this point, your nose would have been supported by the splints. Removing them can cause further swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes. Experienced surgeons often avoid this problem by refraining from taking the splints off too soon after surgery.

What Else Might Be Difficult?

You will need to be extra cautious after your splints are removed. When your internal splints are removed, you are usually advised not to blow your nose for a while, as this can damage your membranes and increase your risk of infection. However, once your external splints and adhesives are removed, your short-term sacrifice will be even greater: You'll be advised to avoid crowded places for a few weeks, such as bars and sporting events, to avoid getting bumped on the nose. This can be a difficult time for some people, but it is far better to be safe than sorry and stay completely out of those situations. That way, you will be able to enjoy the final results to their full extent when the healing process has finished.

It is critical that you follow your plastic surgeon's advice in order to heal as quickly and as well as possible. It's also critical to find a rhinoplasty specialist who uses extensive experience, expert surgical skill, and cutting-edge techniques to minimize pain, swelling, and other difficult aspects of the procedure from the start.

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