what to eat after iui for success

what to eat after iui for success

What To Eat After IUI for Success?

We all want children at some point in life, but in some cases, it is found as hard as they are suffering from infertility. Conceiving a baby can be just a dream for some couples. When a woman has an infertility issue and can’t conceive naturally, it becomes an emotional struggle for her and the family as well. However, there is hope. As of today’s science, and technology offering miracles one by one with advancements in medical sciences. You can find various methods of conception are now available. One of them is IUI which is also known as Intrauterine Insemination. While the technique itself can offer a lot in availing you of miracle there are things you can do you help increase the chance of success one of which is the diet you keep after the procedure.

Are you know that What to Eat After IUI for Success?

What you take in your diet influences the success rate of IUI. You need to add more protein-rich foods to your diet and cut down on carbs. If you are struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), taking a healthier diet can enhance the chances of conception. Hence a good and balanced diet always makes way for a better pregnancy. Let’s discuss what to Eat after IUI for Success.

Foods to Eat After IUI for Success

. Eat as much fruit, dry fruits.

. Take leafy vegetables as possible

. Eat fresh and home-made food

. Avoid processed foods

. Do not eat fish with too much mercury

. Take small meals each day i. e. 6 meals in a day

. Add quinoa, brown rice, and other complex carbohydrates to your diet

. Don’t eat hot, spicy foods, foods that cause more acidity and indigestion. Do not add anything or asafetida to the food.

. Fruits which need to avoid such as grapes, papaya, and pineapple because they capable to break down the endometrial layer and make you bleed. Which can lead to miscarriage.

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