IVF With Donor Egg Success Rates

IVF With Donor Egg Success Rates

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IVF With Donor Egg Success Rates

It’s common for hopeful parents to have questions about the difference between IVF and donor eggs. IVF with your own eggs and a cycle with donor eggs have many similarities and differences. Iranian Surgery IVF center explains what these treatments look like and discusses their pregnancy success rates.

Comparing Treatments Using IVF And Donor Eggs

The process of IVF using your own eggs involves multiple steps. You begin by taking injectable medications for ovarian stimulation. You then undergo an outpatient egg retrieval procedure at our Dallas IVF center. Our embryologists then fertilize your eggs in the laboratory using sperm from your partner or your chosen sperm donor. Finally, you return to our center for an embryo transfer procedure.

When combining IVF and donor eggs, the process is a little bit different. You will first select an egg donor who is a healthy, young woman. She will undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval because she will be providing the eggs for the IVF cycle. Alternatively, you may choose to use eggs that have already been retrieved and frozen at an egg bank. Our embryologists will fertilize these eggs in the lab and you will undergo the embryo transfer.

Success Rates for IVF And IVF With Donor Eggs

The success rates of IVF with egg donors can be quite high. According to a feature article at Parents, about 12 percent of all IVF cycles involve the use of donor eggs. In general, the success rates of donor egg IVF are around 52 percent, which is quite high. At some fertility clinics, the success rates can be even higher.

This is a testament to the careful screening process of all egg donors as well as the advanced approach to fertility treatment achieved through IVF. If you have been struggling with conceiving, it may be worthwhile to discuss IVF and other fertility procedures with the Iranian Surgery team.

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