Varicose vein laser surgery recovery time

Varicose vein laser surgery recovery time

Endovenous Laser Varicose Vein Surgery Recovery Time

What happens after endovenous laser varicose vein surgery?

. You will be encouraged to walk right after the procedure, for about 30 to 60 minutes.

. Your leg may have some bruising. The bruises should go away in about 2 weeks.

. You’ll need to have someone drive you home after your surgery.

. The vast majority of patients experience no or little pain and can get back to normal activities straight away. A small minority experience severe pain and have to take a few days off work.

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At home

After you go home, be sure to follow any instructions from your provider. You may be told to:

. Put an ice pack over the area for 15 minutes at a time, to help reduce swelling.

. Check the incision sites every day. It’s normal to see light pink fluid on the bandage.

. Keep the incision sites out of water for 48 hours. You may need to take a sponge bath until the bandages are removed.

. Wear compression stockings for a few days or weeks, if advised. These stockings gently squeeze your legs. This helps to prevent swelling in your legs. It can also help stop your blood from clotting or pooling.

. Not sit or lie down for long periods of time. Keep your leg raised when sitting.

. Not stand for long periods of time.

. Walk about 3 times a day for 10 to 20 minutes each time. Do this for 1 to 2 weeks.

. Keep active, but don’t run, jump, or lift heavy things for 1 to 2 weeks.

. Not take hot baths for 1 to 2 weeks.

When it comes to medicine, be sure to:

. Take over-the-counter pain medicine as needed, and only if advised by your healthcare provider. Some medicines can increase bleeding.

. Ask your healthcare provider when it will be safe to take blood-thinning medicine again, if you stopped taking it for the surgery

. Your healthcare provider may want to give you an exam at a follow-up visit. He or she may use ultrasound to make sure the laser procedure worked.

Call your healthcare provider if you have:

. Signs of infection in the treated area. These include redness, warmth, or fluid leaking from the incision.

. Swelling that gets worse, or new swelling

. Any pain that keeps you from doing your normal activities

Your healthcare provider may give you other instructions, depending on your situation.

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10 common questions about varicose vein laser surgery recovery time

1Is varicose vein laser surgery painful?
Laser surgery may also be recommended if the skin over your varicose veins is irritated. Varicose veins are not usually a serious health problem, but they can be painful.
2How long does it take for varicose veins to disappear after laser treatment?
The results of laser treatment for spider veins are not immediate. After laser therapy the vessels underneath the skin will gradually change from a dark blue to light red color then eventually disappear in two to six weeks
3Can you walk after varicose vein surgery?
Fortunately, you may return to most daily activities the day of treatment! Post- procedure restrictions depend on what varicose vein treatment has been performed. For all procedures, walking is encouraged. Walking keeps blood moving through normally functioning veins.
4Do veins grow back after removal?
Veins can grow back even after they're cut away, and sometimes the laser treatment fails to seal a vein completely, allowing the blood flow to gradually return
5How long does it take to heal after varicose vein surgery?
Or your doctor may take them out 7 to 14 days after your surgery. You will need to take it easy at home for 3 to 7 days after the surgery. The amount of time it takes for you to recover depends on how many veins were removed. After surgery, problems caused by the varicose veins may go away.
6What happens to varicose veins after laser treatment?
You might feel side effects after your treatment. The most common are swelling, bruising, change in skin color, and pain. You're more likely to have serious side effects if you've had vein stripping and ligation. Although they're rare, complications can include blood clots, severe pain, infection, and scarring.
7Do spider veins come back after laser treatment?
No, they won't come back, but they will appear to return! Women who develop spider veins do so because they are prone to getting them. ... So when we get rid of the veins using injection laser ablation or microphlebectomy, that underlying propensity for the veins to develop is still there
8Can Apple cider vinegar get rid of spider veins?
Apple cider vinegar is touted for addressing a wide range of conditions and concerns, including spider veins. ... In some cases, users are advised to wrap a piece of cloth in the vinegar and then wrap it around the area for a period of 20 to 30 minutes at a time.
9Can I drive after varicose vein surgery?
Return to work, driving and other activities after varicose vein surgery is very variable and is influenced little by advice from specialists. ... The first booklet (76 patients) suggested 7-10 days before driving and 2-3 weeks before returning to work.
10What should I do after varicose vein injection?
After the procedure Walking and moving your legs is important to prevent the formation of blood clots. You'll be asked to wear compression stockings or bandages — usually for about two weeks — to maintain compression on the treated veins.

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