Sleeping Position to Help Implantation

Sleeping Position to Help Implantation

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Does sleeping position affect implantation?

Does sleeping position affect embryo transfer in ivf?

What is the best sleeping position for implantation?

During an embryo transfer, an embryo or embryos are released into the cavity of the womb with the use of a very thin tube, called embryo transfer catheter, that passes through the vagina and the cervix. The lining of the womb undergoes changes to receive the embryo(s). These changes are driven by hormones that are either produced naturally or administered via medication depending on the type of treatment.

At Iranian Surgery, we get lots of questions about embryo transfer, and whether there’s anything you can do around this time to increase your chances of a implantation. One of such questions is weather how you sleep can raise your chances of getting pregnant.

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Staying In Bed After Embryo Transfer

Usually, the doctors ask the patients to rest at home for almost 5 days after IVF. According to the latest investigations, absolute rest is not recommended after IVF because having no physical activity can increase the risk of blood clotting and may cut the blood supply of the embryo. In fact, the common belief that bed rest is necessary after an ET is a myth that can be counterproductive, as it increases the levels of stress in the woman. It is erroneous to think that gravity can make the embryos fall out or reduce their possibilities of implanting.

So, if you do not feel tired, you do not need to spend the whole day in bed. During the IVF process, consider the mentioned cares, keep calm, and think positively.

Sleeping Positions After Embryo Transfer

As was mentioned before, you can resume your normal life after embryo transfer. The embryo just needs a ready uterus and a thick lining to be implanted; so, you can sleep and loll in any position you are comfortable. However, some doctors believe that placing a pillow under the legs can increase blood flow in the pelvic area and help the embryo’s implantation.

So, you can choose the sleep position that is most comfortable for you. It’s just as simple as that. There is no recommended sleep position, or a position that is unadvisable.

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