S-Curve Surgery


S-Curve Surgery

What is S-Curve Surgery?

There has been a lot of talk about getting a Brazilian butt lift to improve the look and shape of the derriere, but now there is an updated procedure called the S-Curve. It is a surgical procedure where the doctor transfers fat from various other areas of your body to augment the butt. Recently the S-Curve procedure has been capturing the attention of women and men who want a better booty.

What Is the S-Curve?

The S-Curve butt lift procedure was developed by a Beverly Hills board certified surgeon named Ashkan Ghavami. Its goal is to create "sensual and aesthetic curvature." Body fat is taken from various places on the body, as decided by the surgeon, and placed in the buttocks. It is actually a sculpting treatment aimed at improving the entire silhouette of the body including the stomach, hips and sides of the torso.

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Alternative to Synthetic Implants

The Brazilian butt-lift was developed as an alternative to synthetic butt implants that require something artificial to be inserted into the buttocks. So instead of adding foreign matter, the patient’s own organic body matter is moved to another place to create the ideal shape. The S-Curve is a new procedure that may be an improvement on the Brazilian butt lift.

S-Curve Surgery Vs BBL

After the advent of the “Brazilian” buttock lift procedure years ago, came a dramatic decrease in the number of synthetic buttock implants. The results of a Brazilian butt-lift are more natural in look and feel than synthetic implants because of the removal and displacement of the patient’s own fat tissue. Also, since it’s the patient’s own fat tissue being used, there’s essentially no chance of the body rejecting the re-introduced material, a considerable concern with synthetic implants. Though the Brazilian Butt Lift has been one of the premier methods of buttock augmentation surgery, Beverly Hills board certified surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, has created a new method of buttock augmentation surgery that allows for results that better the whole body, rather than just the buttocks. This transforms the whole body silhouette and complements other body contouring procedures, such as tummy tucks.

Duration of Treatment

The S-Curve treatment is a one-day surgery followed by about 10-14 days of recovery during which the patient cannot sit directly on her bottom. After that, the doctor recommends a month-long exercise regimen to firm up the body to near-perfection. Yoga is often recommended. In an ideal case, the entire duration of the treatment will be for a little under two months.

Benefits of the S-Curve

The most important benefit of the S-Curve is that the patient’s own fatty tissue is used to achieve the look. Since it comes from the same person’s body, the fat cells have a better chance of maintaining their original blood supply and staying alive instead of being absorbed and eliminated. This approach also gives the patient a better shape all over the torso area rather than just giving a bigger and more shapely booty. According to Ghavami, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have helped make this type of procedure popular--a lot of women want S-shaped curves like these high-profile beauties.

Always Take Precautions

As with any surgical cosmetic procedure there are risks involved with the S-Curve. You will have to be placed under general anesthesia during surgery, which is the first major risk involved. To minimize potential for additional risks, it is crucial to do research on the surgeon before agreeing to a major procedure like this one. You should also always consult your primary doctor before going into a surgical procedure, and be sure to disclose all prior medical issues to avoid complications.



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