Pros and Cons of ICSI

Pros and Cons of ICSI

Pros and Cons of ICSI

What is the advantage of ICSI?

ICSI is an option definitely worth considering in case of poor general failure, ejaculation problems and other issues with male infertility. Individuals experiencing these problems can definitely get the benefits of ICSI treatment. It provides the male partner an opportunity to father a child using his own sperm. Couples can also go for ICSI before Opting to donor sperm for viable sperms. ICSI can be performed even if the man has undergone a vasectomy. In that case, viable sperm can be extracted directly from testicles using special sperm retrieval techniques and injected into the egg.

Are there any risks involved?

The procedure of ICSI is universally considered to be one with low associated risks. However, ICSI does come with a set of its own risks and disadvantages, as is the case with any aspect of medicine. Once the sperm is obtained, the male partner is not prone to any risk from the procedure. The only risks are with the techniques used for sperm retrieval, but they are negligible. Some known ICSI risk factors include:

. Embryo damage: Not all eggs that fertilize ends up in developing into healthy embryos. It is possible for some embryos and eggs to get damaged during the process of ICSI.

. Multiple pregnancy: Couples using ICSI along with IVF have a 30-35% increased chance of conceiving twin and 5%-10% chances of having triplets. When the mother carries multiples, there are increase risks of certain complications during pregnancy and childbirth, which includes high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, low amniotic fluid levels, premature labor or need of cesarean section.

. Birth defects: There is a 1.5%-3% risk of a major birth defect with normal pregnancy. The risk of birth defects is increased slightly with ICSI treatment, although it is rare nonetheless. Some birth defects are associated with ICSI are Angelman syndrome, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, sex chromosome abnormalities, and hypospadias. Also, the risk of a male offspring having fertility issues increase slightly. There is a possibility of genetic transfer of infertility.

It is because of these additional risks lot of doctors do not recommend the use of ICSI with every IVF cycle. It is understandable if ICSI is an absolute requirement for conceiving. If that is the case, make sure you consult your doctor regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology. However, if it is possible to undergo an IVF cycle successfully, why should you risk something like a birth defect, no matter how negligible it is.

How successful the procedure completely depends on the individual patient and their health condition. Regardless, research shows that 25% of patients can conceive after just one attempt at ICSI. The procedure should be considered as a way to mingle the sperm and the egg, not as an assurance of pregnancy.

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