Neck Lift Recovery

Neck Lift Recovery

Neck Lift Recovery

Neck Lift Recovery at Home

A neck lift usually takes 2 to 3 hours. You will have intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. You can go home after you recover from the anesthesia, but someone else will need to drive you.

You may have a small tube in your neck to drain fluid that collects under your skin. You will have sutures at your incision sites. You also may be sent home wearing a tight bandage. The bandage will help reduce swelling. It can take several weeks to months for swelling to fully subside and you see the full results of your neck lift.

Most people need about one week at home to rest and recover from neck lift surgery. Make sure you have someone who can help you during this time. Follow your doctor’s specific instructions. Your doctor may recommend you:

. Wear your bandage day and night for the first week. You may continue to wear it at night for a while afterwards.

. Take pain medicine on a regular schedule, as directed by your surgeon. Do not take any over-the-counter pain medicines without asking your doctor.

. Use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. Do not put ice directly onto your skin.

. Keep your head raised when lying down.

. Avoid long hot showers and steam baths for a few months. You should be able to take a cool shower the day after your procedure.

. Avoid strenuous activities for two weeks.

Most people can return to work within two weeks. If you have a strenuous job or a job that requires heavy lifting, check with your doctor first before going back full time. You may have to modify your work load or schedule.

Your surgeon removes the drain in your neck about two days after your operation. The surgeon will take out your stitches 5 to 10 days after your surgery.

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