Dental Implant Experience in Iran

Getting a dental implant (and dental treatments, in general) is pretty expensive in Oman. That’s why I decided to look for other options like getting an implant abroad. My search led me to the Iranian Surgery website. After contacting their consultant, they walked me through the process of getting a dental implant in Iran. They told me about the high-quality medical services and highly experienced dentists and all the satisfied patients they have had. not to mention the cost which seemed ridiculously low. It sounded too good to be true but I told myself why not! So, I took a trip to Iran both as a tourist and a patient. I got picked up from the airport which was nice and taken straight to a hotel which was great. the next day we went to see my dentist, Dr. Hosseini. After the preliminary examinations, he said that I needed a dental bone graft for 3 of my teeth and surgery for 3 others; all of which would cost about $140. He also told me that I could get 4 dental implants. The first phase took about two and a half hours and I had to go back after 5 days to remove the stitches. The next phase of the process will be completed in 3 months which means I will have to make another trip to Iran. and now I’m going back home and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get dental implants in Iran.

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