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Fellowship in Retina and Laser

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Further information:

. Faculty member and associate professor in University of Tehran.

. Surgeon and ophthalmologist in Farabi Ophthalmology subspecialty Hospital

. Fellowship in Retina and Laser

. Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, cataracts, ocular lasers, LASIK, LASEK, inflammatory diseases of the eye and uveitis, ocular injections, eyelid and lacrimal duct surgeries.

. Holder of the gold medal of the National Olympiad in 1999.

. Top rank in the national exam of basic medical sciences in 2001.

. Top rank in the national pre-internship medical exam in 2005.

. Top rank in the national exam of the specialized board of ophthalmology in 2011.

. Faculty member of the Department of Ophthalmology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Retinal Diseases, Farabi Hospital, since 1992.

. Head of UVIT (Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye) Clinic, Farabi Hospital.

. Head of Retina and Laser Imaging Unit of Farabi Hospital.

. Responsible for student education and internship at Farabi Hospital.

. Responsibility of the practical skills training unit of ophthalmology assistants of Farabi Hospital and designing questions for national medical pre-internship exams.

Services provided by Dr. Mohammad Zarei:

. Ophthalmological examination

. Types of eye surgeries

. Non-surgical eye treatments

. Laser eye surgery

. OCT imaging of the retina, optic nerve and anterior segment

. OCTA imaging of the retina and optic nerve

. Orbscan imaging of the cornea

. Non-contact Computerized Tonometry

. Non-contact Computerized Pachymetry

. Automated Refractometry

. Color Fundus Photography


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Rhinoplasty by Dr. Mohammad Zarei

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dr Zarei

Dr. Mohammad Zarei

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dr Zarei

Dr. Mohammad Zarei

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