Can Your Nose Collapse Years After Rhinoplasty?

Can Your Nose Collapse Years After Rhinoplasty?

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Can your nose collapse after rhinoplasty?

What causes a nose to collapse after rhinoplasty?

Why do noses collapse after rhinoplasty?

Can Your Nose Collapse Years After Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery designed to alter the shape and structure of the nose. When you had your first rhinoplasty, you may have felt, the result would be exactly what you desire. You may never have anticipated a nasal collapse.

Often, the surgeon whom you entrust with your rhinoplasty surgery might end up removing too much cartilage. This can lead to a condition that is known as nasal collapse. If this happens to you, then you require a secondary rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty. This is a corrective procedure to make necessary modifications that will improve your nose’s appearance.

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Nasal Collapse After Rhinoplasty

Nasal collapse after rhinoplasty typically occurs gradually over several years. Very often the nose looks fine initially (even the first year or so) before the weakened underlying nasal structure is overcome by scar contracture and the shrink-wrap effect of the skin.

The areas that can be affected by this contracture process include:

. middle third of the nose which can cause narrowing and possibly nasal obstruction due to its effect on the internal nasal valve

. supra-alar tip which would lead to an unnatural pinching of the tip projection/rotation leading to drooping of the tip, tip cartilage distortion or irregularities over time

This nasal collapse can be prevented by using a structure-based rhinoplasty approach where the nasal structure is augmented (typically using your own cartilage) to ensure that it can withstand this force. This method is a little more involved and takes a bit more time but our surgeons at Iranian Surgery find that it is definitely worth it in the long term.

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