Does Removing the Cast After Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Does Removing the Cast After Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Does Removing the Cast After Rhinoplasty Hurt?

When your Surgeon puts a cast on your nose to protect it and to help the swelling go down after rhinoplasty, you may be wondering how long it will take for that cast to come off and whether you will feel any pain during the procedure. Here we will answer your question.

When Does the Cast Come Off After the Surgery?

The time your cast needs to remain in place is usually between 5 to 8 days following the nose surgery. The exact time depends on the type of surgery you had.

If your nasal bones had to be fractured and re-centralised, it may require longer protection than if you only had some cartilage removed. However, almost all patients will have their nasal cast removed on day-7 after their surgery. Your surgeon will schedule your follow-up consultation according to the time your nose needs to heal.

What to Expect on Cast Removal Day?

It will be exciting as this will be the first time you can assess the shape your new nose! Depending on the details of your nose surgery and the healing abilities of your body it may already look presentable or it can be still slightly swollen. If it appears bruised and swollen, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal at this stage. Most of the swelling will disappear within 10-14 days even for people with sensitive skin.

The removal itself will be quick and painless. Your surgeon or nurse will gently peel the tape away and remove the cast. After the inspection of the surgery area and the incisions, you will receive advice for the following days ahead. You might feel like your nose is now exposed but you’ll quickly get used to it being on fresh air again. Depending on your healing progress, your surgeon may advise tape on your nose for an additional week or so. This is to help the swelling go down by compressing the skin, if safe to do so.

Does Removing the Cast After Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Cast removal is not painful. Depending on the state of the healing of your nose it may feel sensitive but there should be no pain. Essentially, your surgeon gently peels it off and you won’t feel anything aside from a slight tugging sensation as the glue that holds the cast to your nose pulls away.

This isn’t painful. At this stage you are still feeling like you have to be a little careful with your nose. You’ll get over this feeling quickly in the next week or so as the remainder of the obvious bruising and swelling goes away.

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