Advantages and Disadvantages of Sex Reassignment Surgery

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sex Reassignment Surgery

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages Sex Reassignment Surgery?


. A patient who undergoes a sex reassignment procedure is able to enjoy her sexual life in the future as s/he does not have to deal with the mental stress of being in the wrong body.

. Finding the right doctor and getting the desired treatment can lead to psychological happiness for the patient.

. With medical tourism rising, the treatment is cheap in a few noted destinations.

. After the Sex reassignment surgery, the patients are usually found to be less gender dysphoric. There have less anxiety levels, depression levels etc.  Than before.

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. The patient who has undergone the surgery from male to female or vice versa, will be unable to reproduce.

. The patient will not only have to face physical changes but also psychological changes which may be hard to deal with. With the help of counselling and post-operative care provided by the hospitals the patient are able to recover better and faster.

. Postoperative complications can include hematoma. Small hematoma can be cured through puncture and the larger one needs the patient to undergo surgical treatment.

. Complication such as nipple necrosis may arise. The patient can undergo aesthetic procedures which can reconstruct the nipples.

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  1. nina says:

    I am a 35 years old trans girl and I have been taking hormones for 14 months, I think my body is ready for the Final surgery but I am afraid of side effects. what if I regret later?
    have you ever had people who regret that ?

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