What To Wear After Breast Augmentation?

What To Wear After Breast Augmentation?

What To Wear After Breast Augmentation?

After undergoing any type of surgery to your body, it’s important that you find the correct clothes that will allow you to heal as well as keep you comfortable. You want to give your body the ability to relax, but also want to support areas that may need support in order to reduce any pain you may feel while recovering.

What Type of Clothes to Wear After Breast Augmentation?


One of the most important pieces of clothing after undergoing breast augmentation surgery is going to be a comfortable bra. Depending on your doctor you may be told to go bra-less for a few days post-surgery or to wear specific post-surgical bras to help reduce swelling and to prevent the implants from shifting while they are healing.

Definitely take the advice that your doctor gives to you, they know what they are talking about. And in most cases doctors will recommend not wearing a traditional underwire bra until about six weeks after surgery.


As we mentioned above, the proper bra is going to be the most important part of your outfit in the days after your breast augmentation surgery, but that doesn’t mean that you should just wear normal clothes over that. In most cases you’re going to want to wear clothes that are easy to take on and off. Loose fitting t-shirts or blouses and zip-up hoodies tend to work best.

Due to the nature of how breast implants are inserted into the body, there will be some incisions made in the body tissue/muscle underneath the skin. This can lead to sore/achiness in your chest. The proper support from a bra can help, but you’ll want to do everything you can to reduce your arm movement.

Moving your arms away from your body can cause strain on the pectoralis muscle, which will be very sore from the surgery. By wearing loose fitting tops, or zip-up clothing, you’ll be able to easily put on and remove your shirts and minimize any pain you may experience.


The idea with pants after breast augmentation surgery is ease of removal and comfort. Your breast augmentation surgery will have no impact on your lower body, but the movement associated with removing your pants can exacerbate the soreness in your upper body. Ensuring that your pants are easy to remove is key in minimizing the pain you may experience in your chest when making those movements. Plus, if you’re going to be laying around for a few days, who wouldn’t want to be as comfortable as possible.

How Long Do I Have to Wear These Clothes After Surgery?

With a traditional breast implant, you’ll want to wear these comfortable clothes for at least the first week. After the first week you can transition to more normal outer clothes if you’re feeling up to it, but you’ll want to continue to wear a softer sports bra, as you continue to heal. If you’re still experiencing pain while wearing normal clothes, then continue to dress comfortably until the pain subsides.

After three weeks you should be able to wear normal clothes and transition to a normal, soft, bra. Remember, still no underwire or push-up bras until after the six-week mark. After the six-week mark you should be able to wear whatever you want without significant pain. If you’re still experiencing significant pain at this point, you should reach out to your doctor.

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