What Happens if BBL Goes Wrong?

What Happens if BBL Goes Wrong?

Brazilian butt lift Risks and side effects

As with any invasive surgery, risks are inevitable. Many common side effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift are minor; however, a few are extreme.

Brazilian Butt Lifts can result in:

. Fat embolism - this is a risk of fat being injected into a blood vessel and traveling (embolizing) to the heart or lungs. Most surgeons have never had a patient with this complication, but in the unfortunate event that it occurs, this can be a fatal event.

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. Lumps under the skin- in areas where liposuction was performed

. Loss of skin in the treated areas due to deep infection

. Excessive blood loss

. Cardiac and pulmonary complications

. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

. Necrosis of fat and/or surrounding tissue

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Minor side effects can include:

. Scarring

. Pain

. Bruising

. Stretch marks

. Blood clots

Brazilian Butt Lift procedures have been known to cause death in some cases, with the current fatality rate being 1 in 3000.

However, in almost all reported fatality cases the surgeon wasn’t professionally trained and incorrectly performed the procedure. Inexperienced surgeons can/have incorrectly injected fat into large veins/muscles in the buttocks. This enables fat to travel up into vital organs (lungs and heart), clogging its vessels and resulting in death.

To avoid any possible risks and complications, seek professional advice and make sure you follow your surgeon’s post-surgical advice carefully.

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