What are the complications of Egg Retrieval?

Since you have to take different hormone medicines to stimulate ovulation, you may face some complications after egg retrieval, including:

. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome with secondary complications such as dehydration, blood clots, kidney damage, etc.;

. Formation of ovarian cysts in less than 1% of cases that can be treated with surgery;

. Injection site reactions such as bruising and redness;

. The reaction of the body to the injected hormones and the body’s inability to control their levels;

. Breasts’ pain and tenderness;

. Pain in the ovaries;

. Leakage of ovarian fluid into the belly;

. Heart palpitation;

. Flushing and sweating;

. Vaginal bleeding and spotting;

. Infection, especially if the doctor is not experienced;

. Vaginal dryness;

. Damage to the blood vessels in rare cases; and

. Occurrence of some symptoms of menopause, such as menstrual irregularity for a short period.


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