The Cost of Dental Composite in Iran

The Cost of Dental Composite in Iran

How much does Cost of Dental Composite in Iran?

The dentist’s fee and the brand of the composite used are the two factors affecting the total cost of the dental veneers. Based on how much experience the dentist has, in which city he holds office and the what dental composite brand he/she uses the total price can differ.

How much does one composite unit cost in Iran?

The price of a Swiss composite unit

One of the most popular brands of dental composite used by dentists is the Saremco from Swiss. Composites manufactured by this company are micro-hybrid composites and last for a long time. Straumann is another well-known Swiss company which manufactures high quality dental composites. The cost of Swiss dental composites are between 80 to 110 dollars for each unit.

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The price of an American composite unit

Among the American composite brands, Bisco is considered one of the best available. This company makes different kinds of composites. Reveal and Aeliteflo are two of the most popular American composites in Iran. Another brand, Ultradent, also is very beautiful, bright and will last a very long time on your teeth. On average, American composite cost more than Swiss or Japanese brands. However, considering their unique features and the advanced technologies used in their manufacturing, the patients will get a far better result.

The price of a Japanese composite unit

There are different brands of Japanese composites available in the market, and over the last few years they have been welcomed by dentists and patients. G-aenial, Gradia, Tokuyama and Kuraray composites are among the best Japanese composite brands and possessing multiple merits are used for different purposes. Normally, Japanese composites have a nice variety of colors and tints and come at a more reasonable price range compared to other European brands.

The price of a German composite unit

German dental composites are among the best and most credible dental composites in Iran and many dentists prefer recommend them to their patients. German composites come in different types and models each having unique features and they cost between 100 to 150 dollars.

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The price of a Korean composite unit

Second to German composites, Korean composites have seen a better reception compared to American or Swiss composites. They cost something between 80 to 110 dollars.


  1. Julien says:

    I’m need information for complete smile and rhynoplasty

    • Iranian Surgery Adviser says:

      Hello. For Rhinoplasty in Iran we have to see what’s the shape of your nose and how would you want to change it, preferably both xray picture and your normal picture of the nose.
      as for Hollywood smile you need to send us your current OPG radiology picture so we can be able to see the current situation of your teeth, and if they need any work before we start using the veneers. the price of Hollywood smile depend on the number of the teeths you want to change and the brand you use

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