Cost of Dental Laminate in Iran by details

Cost of Dental Laminate in Iran by details

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Cost of Dental Laminate in Iran

Dental laminate or porcelain veneer is a thin porcelain (ceramic) shell which is bonded onto the tooth by your dentist in order to give a more pleasant look. Dental laminates are custom-made according to the form and features of each particular patient.

The material used in making these thin shells possess a natural feel and look of a tooth. To perform a tooth laminate, first, your dentist will shave off a very delicate layer of the enamel to allow the laminate to bind with the tooth.

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Laminate can be used to improve the following issues:

  • Improve the whiteness of the teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Treating tooth decay
  • Broken tooth
  • Repair uneven gum line
  • Improve the appearance of the teeth

Cost of Dental Laminate

The cost of dental laminate varies depending on the material used, number of teeth being laminated, the dentists fee, the dental clinics policies, etc. But on the average, the cost of dental composite for an anterior tooth is about 80$ and for beautifying is 95$. The cost of porcelain (ceramic) laminate is between 70$ to 150$ for every tooth. The number of the teeth to be laminated is determined by the patients smile. It’s needless to say that laminate and dental composite can only be applied to front teeth.

Cost of Dental Laminate in Iran by details

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Influential Factors in the cost of dental laminate in Iran

There are some factors that affect the price of dental laminate including the treatments you might need before getting your laminates. Following are the prominent factors influencing the price of Dental Laminate

  •  How much the tooth is shaved (in this regard it’s imperative to minimize the harm inflicted to the enamel)
  • Evening the shape of the teeth after the shave
  • Glassiness, color, shininess, delicacy and form of the laminate which must have a natural look.
  • The type of the shave which is determined by the type of the laminate you choose
  • The composite material and its quality which is measured based on factors such as speed and accuracy of the compositing
  •  The amount of time spent on shaving and preparing the tooth (for instance a canine tooth requires more time)
  • How many teeth require treatment
  • How skilled and experience the dentist is
  • The equipment and quality of the material used
  • How uneven or fractured the teeth are
  • Preliminary or complementary treatments required
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