Pregnancy after Liposuction

Pregnancy after Liposuction

Post-Liposuction Pregnancy 

Some women may harbor concerns on how a future pregnancy may impact their liposuction outcomes. Generally, patients can feel assured that pregnancy will not alter their body contouring results achieved with liposuction in a permanent manner.

If a woman undergoes a post-liposuction pregnancy and gains weight but loses the weight after the delivery, her original liposuction results will return. A majority of women in such cases will appear as if they have not gone through a post-liposuction pregnancy at all.

Regardless, women candidates for liposuction should be aware that their goal should be to undergo a plastic surgery procedure when they do not intend to become pregnant in the future.

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Pregnancy can lead to stretch marks, cellulite, and sagging skin in the buttocks, breast, abdomen, and thigh regions. However, these aesthetic issues are unrelated to liposuction.

Liposuction is a fat loss and body contouring procedure. But it is not a procedure meant to enhance skin texture, remove cellulite or stretch marks, or tighten sagging skin.

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