Single Parent Surrogacy

Single Parent Surrogacy

Single Parent Surrogacy

As nontraditional families have become increasingly common, more and more individuals have become single parents by choice. Every year, thousands of single men and women add to their families, many of them through surrogacy. Single intended parents generally experience the same process, enjoy the same benefits and face the same challenges as couples pursuing surrogacy, with some exceptions. Here, find more information about the single-parent surrogacy experience.

The Single Parent Surrogacy Process

While heterosexual couples completing surrogacy will typically create an embryo from their own egg and sperm, if you are completing a single parent surrogacy, you will likely have to use a donated egg or sperm to complete the in vitro process.

For example, if you are a single male considering surrogacy, you will have to find a donated egg which you will fertilize with your own sperm. This embryo will then be transferred into the uterus of a surrogate. Likewise, if you are a single woman considering surrogacy, you will need to locate a donated sperm with which to fertilize your egg before it’s transferred to a surrogate’s uterus.

Many surrogacy agencies will help you find a donor and surrogate concurrently, or they may be able to refer you to sperm banks and egg donors within their networks. Single intended parents may also choose to work with a known donor, such as a close friend. Once you have identified your donor, the surrogacy process will continue as it would for any other intended parent.

Pros And Cons of Single Parent Surrogacy

Choosing surrogacy as a way to have a biological child is a decision that only you can make, and it’s important you do plenty of research before deciding. To help you out, here are some of the general pros and cons that come with single parent surrogacy:


. Even if you haven’t found “the one” to be a parent with, you can still have a biological child of your own.

. Your process is no different from any couple pursuing surrogacy; you will have to go through the same background screening (with no added steps because of your marital status).

. Single-parent surrogacy may be better for you than choosing adoption, as many birth mothers look for two-parent homes when selecting adoptive families.

. Being a single parent is more common than ever; in fact, 26 percent of American children in 2015 lived with a single parent.


. Pursuing surrogacy as a single parent can be expensive and exhausting. You will need to be able to afford the surrogacy costs on one salary, and you will need to find someone to be your support system during the surrogacy process.

. Being a single parent is difficult; not only will you have to think hard about whether you can afford the time and energy to raise a child on your own, but you have to be prepared for the stigma that still surrounds single parents today.

. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide whether a single parent surrogacy is the right choice in your surrogacy journey. If you give us a call, our surrogacy specialists can walk you through our process and provide you resources to help you make your decision.

Things To Keep in Mind

If you’re considering becoming a parent through single mother or single father surrogacy, it’s important that you consider the commitment of being a single parent. During your single parent surrogacy, there may be setbacks from failed transfers or miscarriages, and it’s important that you have a support system you can lean on during these trying times. Unlike couples who have a partner to turn to during the surrogate process, a single intended parent must make sure to create a group of friends and family members they can turn to in times of need — both during the surrogacy process and as you raise your child.

Some questions to ask yourself before you decide on raising your child by yourself are:

. Can I afford the expense of raising a child — after putting thousands of dollars into my single parent surrogacy?

. Will I have time to properly bond with my child when I’m working to support the both of us on one salary?

. Do I have someone I can turn to when I need extra help, i.e. for babysitting or emotional support?

. If something were to happen to me, do I know someone I can trust to raise my child and keep them properly educated about their surrogacy journey?

No matter whether you’re single or married, surrogacy can be an exhausting, expensive and emotionally trying process. Before you commit to your single parent surrogacy, it’s important that you’ve explored all of your single parent options and are 100 percent confident in your surrogacy decision.

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