Newborn Open Heart Surgery Statistics

Newborn Open Heart Surgery Statistics

Newborn Open Heart Surgery Statistics

Open-Heart Surgery in Children

Open-heart surgery refers to operations performed on the heart that require a patient being placed on the heart-lung bypass machine. The heart-lung bypass machine takes over the function of the heart and lungs to provide oxygenated blood to the body. The heart can be stopped with a solution called "cardioplegia." Cardioplegia is a cold, high-potassium solution. It also protects the heart muscle while it is stopped.

The heart itself can then be opened and repair can be accomplished in a bloodless, still environment. In some situations, when on the cardiopulmonary bypass machine, the heart can be operated upon while still beating, but emptied. This usually occurs when the repair is on the right side and there are no holes between the left and right sides of the heart. 

Incidence of Open-Heart Surgery in Children

In the United States, approximately 22,000 pediatric open-heart procedures are performed each year. These procedures are done safely in younger children. Currently nearly 25 percent of children undergoing open heart surgery are under a month of age, and nearly 70 percent are under 1 year of age.

Pediatric Open-Heart Surgery Success

Success of open-heart surgery is highly dependent on the particular defect being operated upon. Corrective procedures such as atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect closures are highly successful with a near-zero percent mortality (or death rate). Somewhat more complex lesions -- yet ones that are performed often, such as AV canal defects, transposition of the great vessels and tetralogy of Fallot -- carry a risk less than 5 percent.

More complex lesions, such as single ventricle defects, may carry a higher risk in the range of 15 to 20 percent, because one of the ventricles or valves is hypoplastic (underdeveloped). Other factors can affect these results. For instance, a prematurely delivered newborn suffering from low birth weight and end-organ injury (i.e., kidney failure or liver injury) is at increased risk from open heart surgery.

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