Metastatic myxofibrosarcoma treatment


Metastatic myxofibrosarcoma

Chief Complaint:

 The patient is a 60-year-old man who presented with severe pain and swelling in his right leg. The patient is a known case of metastatic sarcoma who has also had a history of surgery on the right thigh.

Work Ups:

The patient was examined and evaluated by an oncologist, and due to the fact that the disease is completely spread and has metastases to the lungs, and that he also mentions a history of radiotherapy, according to the oncologist, the patient has no indication for medical surgery.

However, due to the effect of severe compression of the tumor on the femoral artery and venous arteries and nerves of the femoral region of the tumor, as well as tumor pressure in the inguinal area, based on vascular and orthopedic specialists and if the patient and companions agree From the day of arteries and nerves, palliative surgery can be performed for the patient.

After consulting with the patient and his consent to the surgery, cardiac counseling was performed to confirm the surgery and the patient was ready for surgery.

Procedure and finding:

The patient received blood before surgery due to anemia and was anesthetized with special conditions and underwent surgery by a medical team including orthopedic surgeon and vascular surgeon. Due to severe involvement of arteries and femoral nerve and almost complete closure of the femoral artery. Due to the pressure of the tumor, the tumor was removed from the arteries and nerves as much as possible, and also the effect of the tumor pressure was removed from the artery, and as much as possible, the tumor was removed from the inguinal and retno-peritoneal area. Inguinal and pelvic lymphadenectomy and maximal tumor removal

After surgery :

The patient underwent hemiparesis of the left half of the body three days after the operation. Due to the normality of CT scan of the brain and Doppler ultrasound of the cervical arteries, the possibility of metastasis and other factors are raised for the patient.


Recommendation After Discharge:

Diabetes control

Take medications prescribed by doctors

Brain follow-up for metastasis

Daily dressing of the surgery site and suturing 20 days after surgery

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