Limb Lengthening Surgery Recovery Time

Limb Lengthening Surgery Recovery Time

Leg lengthening surgery recovery time

Limb lengthening surgery healing time

After the operation, nursing staff teach patients how to clean and care for the skin around the pins that attach the external fixator to the limb (pinsite care). Patients are also shown how to recognize and treat early signs of infection and not to neglect pinsite care, which takes about 30 minutes every day until the apparatus is removed. It is very important in preventing infection from developing.

Recovery time from the limb lengthening procedure varies among patients, with the consolidation phase sometimes lasting a considerable period – especially in adults. As a general rule, children heal in half the time as it takes for adult patients. For example, when the desired goal is 1½ inches of new bone growth, a child will wear the fixation device for three months. In adults, although bone healing takes longer, the use of the internal lengthening nail makes the process simpler as there is no external fixator needing to be worn.


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Throughout recovery, physical therapy plays a crucial role in keeping the patient's joints flexible and in maintaining muscle strength. Frequent visits to the treating physician are also required to adjust the external fixator and attentive care of the pins holding the device is essential to prevent infection. Healing time depends on the extent of lengthening.

Patients are advised to eat a nutritious diet and to take calcium supplements. To hasten bone healing, gradual weight-bearing is encouraged and the patient takes supplements like vitamin D3 and calcium to hasten bone healing.

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A rule of thumb is that each 0.4 in (1 cm) of lengthening requires some 36 days of healing. A large variety of external fixators are now available for use. Today's fixators are very durable, and are generally capable of holding full weight. Most patients can continue many normal activities during the three to six months the device is worn.

Metal pins, screws, staples, rods, or plates are used in leg lengthening surgery to stabilize bone during healing. Most orthopedic surgeons prefer to plan to remove any large metal implants after several months to a year. Removal of implanted metal devices requires another surgical procedure under general anesthesia.

Patients are usually provided with an external system that stimulates bone growth at the site, either an ultrasound device or one that creates a painless electromagnetic field.

What nutrition and diet should I take?

With lengthening surgery, the bone is surgically cut in a controlled manner and it is expected to elongate from day to day and form new bone. Also, the muscles must adapt to new bone development. Therefore, it is useful to prefer foods that feed muscles and bones. Attention should be paid to daily water consumption. A healthy planning with fruit and vegetable-based foods helps in recovery. It is also important to get enough protein.

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First Week Nutrition and Diet – Nutritional measures can be taken as a precaution for constipation that may occur due to inactivity. Calcium supplements are generally recommended after the procedure, as it positively helps in new bone growth and it can be taken during the entire recovery period.

Lengthening Nutrition and Diet – During this process, taking care of healthy eating speeds up recovery. It is helpful to note that enough minerals, vitamins, and proteins are taken while creating the nutrition plan; as it is important to consume healthy foods that will speed up the healing process.

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Alcohol and Smoking

Lengthening surgery is restricted to people who smoke. Starting smoking after the procedure negatively affects the healing and delays it. Likewise, alcohol has bad effects in this process, as well; and these indulgences should be restricted until recovery is complete.

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