Is there any age limit for Limb Lengthening Surgery?

The natural growth process in children, teenagers, and young adults happens due to the growth plates at the ends of bones. These cartilage plates close (turn into bone tissue and ossify`) at the age of around 17-21. Since the person cannot grow any more from now on, the only possible way of increasing height becomes limb lengthening operation. In short, the lower age limit for LL surgery is 17-18.

As for the upper age limit, people under the age of 50 can be eligible for this surgical procedure only after necessary bone quality tests (for example, bone mineral density test) and other medical examinations. Since human bones become more brittle and heal much slower at higher ages, people close to upper age have to be thoroughly examined.

After 3 months, the patient returned to Iran to open the external fixators and his height increased by 7.5 cm.

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