Jawline Dermal Fillers

Jawline Dermal Fillers


Having a smoothly contoured or perfectly chiseled chin is a beauty goal many of us have, particularly as we age. During ageing, we begin to lose the supportive fatty structures in this key focal area of the face. When this blends with natural gum recession and bone loss in our middle ages, this can leave our lower face in a less than optimal state.

Chin creases below the lips also develop as we lose collagen in the area, and in our fifties, the mentalis muscle becomes hyperactive to compensate for the sagging skin, resulting in a pebbly or dimpled appearance. Thankfully, chin and jaw dermal fillers are here to counteract these processes.

What is a Chin Filler?

A chin fillers treatment is a non-surgical chin augmentation treatment that brings back proportion and harmony to the face. Optimizing the chin with a dermal filler treatment creates definition and symmetry in the lower third of the face. Surgery involves downtime with bruising and swelling that can last up to six weeks after treatment. But minimally invasive treatments like dermal fillers for jawline and chin offer a quick-fix option with minimal complications or downtime.

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Who Should Consider Dermal Chin Fillers?

Chin and jaw fillers are ideal for anyone who wishes to redefine their facial proportions to improve their overall appearance. Anyone who wants a visibly improved side or frontal profile should consider chin dermal fillers and jaw fillers. Many people are now doing so across all age and gender groups. According to recent statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) for example, jawline enhancement procedures saw a 20% increase in 2019 alone.

Am I Suitable for Chin Filler Treatment?

For more mature patients, chin fillers are ideal to combat jawbone shrinkage, jowls and saggy necks. By injecting filler on the underside of the chin, the chin elongates to remove saggy folds, while injecting chin filler into the frontal part of the chin, and at the sides can help minimize the appearance of jowls and frown lines that extend downwards from the lips.

Younger patients can also enhance their face with strategically placed chin fillers. The jawline can be made to look more angular, contoured, and sculpted, giving patients a much-desired movie-star quality.

Whatever your goal, it’s always best to speak to a specialist first before taking this treatment so the right areas can be targeted. In some instances, individuals may benefit more if they combine a dermal filler on the chin with fillers on other jawline areas.

What Does a Chin Fillers Treatment Involve?

The process of chin augmentation with fillers involves the injection of hyaluronic acid gels to replenish areas of lost volume. The skillful placement of filler injections will serve to lift and revolumize the selected area to bring back lost shape while smoothing out lines, sagging and wrinkles in the process.

Some patients may require combination treatments to give the chin area greater definition. For example, a patient may need to reduce chin fat while tightening the area along the jaw and under the chin with additional fillers for a more streamlined look. By booking a consultation with a practitioner, you can determine the best approach for your individual needs.

The Best Chin Filler Treatments

Juvéderm and Restylane are two of the safest, most effective FDA-approved dermal fillers in the industry. The treatments are naturally biodegradable hyaluronic acid gels which closely mimic the body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid stores. When injected just beneath the skin’s surface, they restore volume to targeted areas while softening and hydrating the skin.

These injections also aid collagen and elastin production, two vital natural proteins that maintain the skin’s voluminous structure. The beauty of both these skin boosters is that they are renowned for long-lasting results and a super-natural finish, so you won’t look harsh or overdone after dermal fillers jawline treatment.

Do Chin Filler Treatments Involve Downtime?

There’s little to no downtime with a filler in chin treatment and you can resume normal activities right away. But some individuals may experience some slight swelling or bruising a few days after. However, most patients return to their normal activities instantly without any side effects.

What Results Can I Achieve with A Chin Filler?

Chin dermal fillers produce a lifted and contoured look immediately once the injection has been applied. The treatment is also well-known for its long-lasting effects, with a typical patient experiencing effective results 9-12 months after chin and jawline filler.



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