Chin Implant with Fillers

Chin Implant with Fillers

What Is a Chin Implant?

A chin implant is used during chin augmentation, a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a small implant in front of a patient’s chin bone. The implant increases the length of the patient’s jawline, resulting in a more refined and sculpted facial appearance.

Ultimately, the goal of chin augmentation is to ensure that the chin complements the cheeks, eyes, nose, and other facial features. If the chin looks proportional to the rest of the face after chin augmentation surgery, a patient can enjoy a symmetrical facial appearance.

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What Is a Chin Filler?

A chin filler offers a non-surgical alternative to a chin augmentation. It involves the use of an injectable filler to temporarily improve the appearance of the chin and jawline.

Chin Augmentation with Fillers: instant results, no surgery, no downtime

Dermal fillers can be injected in key points to add volume beneath the skin and modestly enhance chin and jawline contours. Results are temporary, but long lasting (about 12 to 24 months).

Key Benefits of Chin Augmentation with Fillers:

. Immediate improvements

. No surgery or downtime

. No anesthesia required (just a topical anesthetic)

. Safe and effective for most patients

. Lower up-front cost than chin implants

. Effects wear off on their own

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Considerations of chin fillers:

. Periodic re-treatment needed to maintain results

. Often costs more than surgery in the long term to maintain results

. Fillers cannot achieve as dramatic a result as chin implants

. Your provider must have specific skill and experience with facial contouring using fillers

How Does the Chin Augmentation with Fillers Work?

After artistic planning and marking out the treatment, dermal fillers are applied to the chin area in a sequence that achieves balance and symmetry. The good news is that the fillers contain anesthetic for maximum comfort. You can see the results immediately.

What Can I Expect on The Day After Chin Augmentation with Fillers?

As with all injection treatments, there may be some redness in the area of injection for an hour or so. Bruising is always a minor risk when having injectable treatments. You can minimize this risk by avoiding alcohol, omega 3 products and anti-inflammatory drugs for 24 hours before your treatment

What Can I Expect from The Chin Augmentation with Fillers Overall?

The aim is to achieve balance in the lower third of the face. A feeling that the face is slightly longer and the mandible is sitting further forward is desired. It is important to realize you may need 2ml or more of dermal filler for this indication.

If you are interested in improving your profile it is important to check how your lips sit with your chin.  Natural looking lip injections can also be performed to enhance your side profile and create harmony in your face.

Chin Implants Vs. Dermal Fillers: How Do They Compare?

If you’re on the fence about undergoing surgery, but you are ready to do something to strengthen your chin, consider starting with filler injections as a trial procedure. While the results won’t be as dramatic with fillers, the improvements should be enough to give you a taste of what a chin implant can achieve. Additionally, if you only need a modest enhancement to get chin contours you are happy with, fillers can likely achieve this; no surgery necessary.

That said, you’ll probably be happiest with chin implants if you:

. Need or want substantial changes to achieve your desired result

. Prefer a “one and done” procedure to improve your facial profile

. Have tried fillers and are ready to make permanent changes

. Are considering additional surgical procedures that require anesthesia, such as rhinoplasty or neck liposuction

The bottom line: fillers are a great way to try a new, improved jawline; chin implants are better when you’re ready for lasting changes.


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