What Is the Best Age for an Egg Donor?

What Is the Best Age for an Egg Donor?

What Is the Best Age for an Egg Donor?

Egg donation is the process of a woman willingly giving eggs to help another have a baby. Donation is critical for women with a long history of miscarriages, those unable to produce eggs, or same-sex couples. The donor will need to take hormone medication to stimulate the ovaries. Then, a doctor can extract up to 10 eggs, which a clinic then freezes. There are 3 ways to donate eggs: through an agency, a clinic, or direct egg donation. Even though the methods and purposes of donating differ, a potential donor should meet specific guidelines, particularly age.

The Best Age to Donate Eggs

The ideal age for an egg donor is between the ages of 21 and 30. However, many egg donor agencies will not accept a new donor into their pool over the age of 29, since it can sometimes take up to a few months to get chosen by an intended parent.

The reason that span of age has been agreed upon is because egg donors who are younger than 21 don’t always understand the commitment and importance of what they are agreeing to or undertaking.

At the other end of the age spectrum, women begin to experience a fertility decline after age 30. Because this treatment is so expensive intended parents want to make sure that the eggs they are potentially receiving are from healthy, fertile young women with no infertility issues.

Egg donation is a big deal and a huge commitment. It also requires a high degree of coordination between the egg donor, fertility doctor, and the egg donation agency.

Unlike sperm donation – a sperm donor can begin and finish his part in most cases in less than an hour. Egg donors don’t have 15 or so eggs ready to hand over to give to the IVF doctor. It’s kind of like training for a marathon – it’s preparing physically, and in many cases mentally. An egg donation cycle means about 6-8 weeks of oral and injectable medication. Then there is the many scheduled fertility doctor appointments to measure follicles; then the actual egg retrieval procedure itself which is considered an invasive procedure which takes about 15-20 minutes under light sedation – and while it’s not horrible it’s not like obtaining a semen sample.

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