How Quickly Will I Lose Weight after Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight after Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight after Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

A mini gastric bypass uses laparoscopic technology to resize the stomach. By reducing the amount of food patients can take in, the procedure can result in drastic weight loss and a lower risk of heart disease and other chronic health problems.

Following your mini gastric bypass procedure, you will begin steadily losing weight as your lower caloric intake begins to force your body to burn off residual fat. By following certain guidelines and eating a healthy diet, your mini gastric bypass surgery will result in drastic weight loss within a few months after surgery. Read on to learn more about the mini gastric bypass surgery weight loss timeline.

Your Weight Loss Timeline

Soon after your weight loss surgery, you will begin losing excess weight. By eating a healthy diet, following your recovery guidelines, and committing to a healthier lifestyle, you can reach your ideal weight in several months.

Although individual weight loss will fluctuate depending on factors like health, age, starting weight, and weight loss commitment, patients can expect to lose anywhere from five to 15 pounds per week for the first few months. At around the six-month mark, the weight loss will slow to one to two pounds per week. Most patients reach their weight equilibrium at around the one year to 18-month mark.

While individual results will vary, most patients can expect to shed around half of their extra weight by the six-month-mark and upwards of 65 percent of extra pounds by one year. Patients who stick closely to their diet and exercise regularly shed upwards of 70 percent of their excess weight. For some people, that can mean well over 100 pounds.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Weight Loss Experience

Mini gastric bypass surgery can lead to drastic weight loss. Following simple steps can ensure that you enjoy steady and healthy weight loss in the weeks and months following your initial surgery.

. Don’t Drink Calories

Mini gastric bypass surgery is designed to reduce solid food intake. Consuming sugary drinks can negate the weight loss benefits of mini gastric bypass surgery. Sodas contain no nutritional value, and the hidden calories can slow weight loss.

. Don’t Snack

Snacking is a passive form of eating that often involves unhealthy and high-calorie treats. Your goal following weight loss surgery should be to mindfully eat at specific times of the day.

. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol contains empty calories that don’t leave you feeling full. In addition, even mild levels of intoxication can lead to poor eating choices. To get the most out of your mini gastric bypass surgery, your best bet is to cut alcohol entirely until you reach your target weight.

. Think: Protein over Simple Carbs

Carbs are often the cause of weight gain. If you want to enjoy steady weight loss following bariatric surgery, choose vegetables and lean proteins over simple carbs like bread and chips. Generally speaking, simple carbs are white. Choosing whole grain bread over white bread and brown rice over white rice can lower the negative impact of carbs.

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