Hair Transplant in Mashhad

What is included?

The Hair Transplant

Medical Package (Pre-op tests Dr. Appointment in their clinic, medication, Hair Supplements and Shampoos for 3 months)

Visa and Tourism

Medical Interpreter

24/7 Online Consultants

3 Nights in a 3/5 Star Hotel

Complementary SIM Card with Internet Access

Airport Welcome, Shuttle, and Medical Transportation

$550 - $750

Hair transplant in Iran, particularly in Mashhad, comes with FUT, FUE, and FIT methods to treat baldness and hair loss in the best clinics and hair transplant centers in Mashhad. The placement of the follicles and their distribution in the bald area is vital, as is the final density and durability of the implanted hair. These factors depend only on the experience and skill of the hair transplant doctor and their surgical team. Therefore, Iranian Surgery links you to the best hair transplant clinic in Mashhad.

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Day to Day

After you have gathered the necessary information regarding hair transplants in Iran, have already contacted our cosmetic consultants, and booked the operation, Iranian Surgery will apply for your E-visa/Medical-Visa, and book your hotel and the clinic for your hair transplant based on the package you have chosen. Once your visa is granted, you can purchase your tickets, and this is what will happen, Day to Day, once you arrive:

The information you need for an after-care hair transplant will be given to you in the last session so you can go back home knowing what to do. In addition, you should be aware of hair growth after transplantation stages. We will be with you all the time.


Medical Tourism in Mashhad

The purpose of your trip to Mashhad is treatment. But sometimes, while you are after your main goal, you can enjoy the attractions of the city you have chosen. If your type of treatment allows you to explore Mashhad, know that saffron and turquoise stones are not the only souvenirs that you can take back home.

You will be present in a city that has been the capital of Iran many times throughout its history and today plays host to the shrine of Imam Reza.

Mashhad has been a pilgrimage, tourist, and commercial center of Iran since ancient times. Share your travel needs and tastes with us so that, in addition to your surgical package, the Iranian Surgery team can make Medical Tourism successful and amusing for you.