Dr. Afshin Amini

. Anesthesiologist

. Fellowship in Pain Medicine

. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

The following are among some of his managerial experiences:

Dr. Afshin Amini is an anesthesiologist with more than 20 years of experience in providing exceptional patient care. He is well versed in pain medicine. He also has a proven track record of service excellence, with numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding contributions to the field of pain medicine.

Dr. Afshin Amini joined the faculty of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences twenty-two years ago, and during this time, he made a significant contribution to the establishment of the post-operative pain service at Chamran Hospital, as well as the establishment of the “Pain Fellowship” program at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

He has treated various disc herniations using high intensity laser. He is also skilled in treating joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, cancer pain, intractable headaches and back pain, and is the inventor of the world-class patient transfer device.

Awards and Recognitions

. He received a letter of appreciation from the President of SUMS for holding 45 Creativity and Entrepreneurship Workshops in February 2012.

. He received a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Health for providing services related to the prevention, treatment, and Harm Reduction of Substance Abuse in the Country in 2012.

. He received multiple letters of appreciation from various academic, medical, and government institutions, including Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, vice president of medical affairs, and Firozabad Governor.