Can You Be a Surrogate After 3 C-Section

Can You Be a Surrogate After 3 C-Section

Can You Be a Surrogate After 3 C-Section

One of the more common questions we receive at Iranian Surgery from those looking to become a surrogate mother is if you can become a surrogate after having a c-section? The simple answer to this is yes, as many women who have had c-section births before have later become surrogate mothers. That said, we wanted to provide some additional information on this question to help all of those who are curious.

As with any pregnancy, it is important for your body to rest and heal before your next pregnancy. This is no different than with having a c-section. A c-section, or cesarean section, is when the delivery of the baby is done by way of a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. Following this type of pregnancy, it is highly recommended to wait for your body to heal properly. Besides having your body heal from the pregnancy itself, your body will also need to heal from the surgery.

How Long After a C-Section Can I Get Pregnant Again?

With knowing that your body will need to heal, the next question that we receive is how long after having a c-section can I get pregnant again? This is a tough question to answer, as every mother’s body will be different and will take a different amount of time to heal. With that said, the process to becoming a surrogate mother can usually start at the 6-month mark following your c-section delivery.

At the 6-month mark following your c-section delivery, you can apply to become a surrogate mother. At this point your surrogacy agency will also work with you to get the clinic screening process started. While this will start the process to becoming a surrogate mother, it is still advised that you wait at least 12 months following your c-section delivery before having an embryo transfer.

Can You Be a Surrogate After 2 or More C-Sections?

Surrogate mothers undergo physical tests to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for surrogacy. One of these tests include an ultrasound or x-ray of the inside of the uterus to check for abnormalities. If you have had a caesarean previously and the tests show no scarring from the incision then it is of no concern. Some women have had 3 caesareans or more and have no scarring in their uterus and go on to become a surrogate mother. (Most clinics will accept surrogates with a history of up to 5 prior uncomplicated caesarean births).

A Word from Iranian Surgery

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and being a surrogate mother is truly a unique and rewarding experience, for both you and the intended parents. It is always important to think about your health, as a surrogate mother, and the health of the newborn before rushing into anything, including a pregnancy. Although the timeline given in the article is to be used as a reference, there are always unique situations and cases in which it may be better to wait a little longer following a c-section delivery.

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