Can Bad Liposuction be fixed?

Can Bad Liposuction be fixed?

Can Bad Liposuction be fixed?

Can Botched Liposuction Be Corrected?

There’s nothing worse than realizing that a previous cosmetic procedure didn’t turn out the way you hoped. These mistakes can happen as a result of many various problems. In some cases, the patient wasn’t a good candidate for the procedure. In others, the plastic surgeon didn’t have the right experience to perform the procedure successfully. However, no matter the cause of the botched liposuction, there is some good news. Sometimes, the results can change. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who exhibits an understanding of your goals and experience with your procedure, the outlook is good.

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What causes botched liposuction?

As mentioned, there are many reasons why a cosmetic procedure can go awry. Liposuction defects typically occur when the surgeon removes fat in an aggressive, careless and/or uneven manner. In some cases, it’s also possible that your surgeon did not remove enough fat. Other times, the patient was never a good fit for the procedure. In all of these instances, the patient’s medical team may have led him or her astray. That is why doing your homework and learning more about the doctor you choose is crucial. You should choose a surgeon who understands your goals, communicates clearly, and has the right experience and expertise.

What are the signs of liposuction gone wrong?

The ill-effects of the procedure aren’t always noticeable immediately following the procedure. In fact, it may not be until changes in weight, skin tightness, or muscle tone take place that you see the final effects. Other times, you may realize the poor execution from the start.

Some of the signs you may notice include the following:

. Uneven areas (“peaks” and “valleys”) where fat was not removed

. Hollow indentations where too much fat was removed

. Skin discolorations

. Squashed or saggy skin

. Not enough fat extracted

In the end, if you’re not happy with your liposuction, know that you have options. In most cases, botched liposuction can be corrected.

What to do if you think you’ve experienced botched liposuction

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms and signs listed above, then it’s possible you are experiencing liposuction gone wrong. If this is the case, you should reach out to the plastic surgeon who performed your procedure. Schedule an appointment with him or her to review the results and explain what you believe has gone wrong.

Remember that after liposuction, you should feel happy with your results. You have undergone an invasive medical procedure to achieve your body goals. Your plastic surgeon should take the time to discuss your concerns and come up with a plan to remedy the mistakes. He or she should make you feel comfortable and answer any lingering questions that you may have. As mentioned, in many cases, plastic surgeons can correct issues that arise after a liposuction procedure. If you are uncomfortable with the way your plastic surgeon handled the idea of revision liposuction, you should seek a second opinion.

How will a surgeon correct the botched liposuction?

Correction is unique to each person. However, you can expect a combination of liposculpture and fat transfer methods.

Liposculpture removes excess fat from “hills” on the body to result in a smoother, flatter look. On the other hand, fat transfer removes fat from areas where “valleys” are present. The surgeon then transfers the fat to depressed areas. Again, the end result is smoother, even-level skin.

If the indentations are fairly close together, liposculpture may not be necessary. Instead, the surgeon can shift the existing fat to eliminate the grooves and make the skin level. Your surgeon can use the same incisions from the previous surgery. In this way, he or she doesn’t have to make new cuts in the skin.

How long is the recovery period from liposuction correction?

Liposuction correction has a quick downtime period, usually around a couple of days. The most common side effects are discomfort, swelling, and bruising. To avoid any further complications, choose a qualified surgeon who has had a lot of experience with liposuction correction. Ask for before and after photos to confirm, as well as testimonials from past clients.



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