Bartholin cyst surgery side effects

Bartholin cyst surgery side effects

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Bartholin’s Cyst Surgery Risks and Complications

What are the possible complications of Marsupialization Surgery?

Complications from marsupialization are rare, but may include:

. Infection

. Recurring abscesses

. Bleeding

. Unresolved pain

. Scarring

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Contact your doctor if :

. You develop a fever

. Are bleeding more than expected

. Show signs of infection

. Have unusual vaginal discharge

. Have pain that’s getting worse

What are the possible complications of balloon catheter insertion?

Possible complications of balloon catheter insertion include:

. Pain while the catheter is in place

. Pain or discomfort during sex

. Swelling of the lips around the opening of the vagina (labia)

. Infection

. Bleeding

. Scarring

What are the possible complications of Removing the Bartholin’s gland?

Risks of this type of surgery include bleeding, bruising and infection of the wound. If the wound does become infected, this can usually be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your GP.




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  1. Last 2008 I was undergo a surgery in my left bartholin gland because it was found out that there was a cyst. It’s painful especially if we have sexual intercourse with my husband. Women should take extra careful in our personal hygiene, it’s not good that everytime we urinated,we wash our vagina with water and soap, that’s what happens to me,second my husband have another woman in his life, so gentleman please wash very well your sex organ before you used your wife, my OB said it’s should both will wash before having sex, that’s the lessons I’ve learned from it, may I’m very much particular in my hygiene but too much washing your vagina was not good. Now thanks God I’m ok but I take extra careful on it.

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