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How can I advertise my healthcare products?

How would you advertise your healthcare services?

Start attracting more Arabic and English speaking customers.

Expose your brand to an audience that is more relevant to your business.

Our specialists are ready to help you with advertising.

If you have great products or services that Arabic and English speakers are interested in using or buying, Iranian Surgery can help you succeed in selling your products and services.

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Why You Should Advertise With Iranian Surgery

. Ability to target audience with specific interests.

. Most of our visitors are from North America, Europe, the Persian Gulf and African countries.

. Attractive to users due to the use of reliable and high quality contents.

. 100% of our visitors are over 25 years old.

. 55% of our visitors are men and 45% are women.

. 60% of our audience is Arabic speakers and 40% is English speakers.

. More than 90% of our visitors prefer mobile phones, so we have designed our website user-friendly in a way that users can have a great experience regardless of the model and type of their mobile device.

Why doctors, hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics should advertise with us

. Daily access to thousands of Arabic and English-speaking audiences seeking information about their type of treatment.

. Most of our clients are from rich countries such as Arab countries, Europe and the United States of America.

. Most of our visitors are in the field of women and infertility, cosmetic surgeries, cancer treatment and men’s diseases.

Why beauty brands should advertise with us

. Daily access to thousands of Arabic and English speaking audiences.

. Statistics have shown that the most cosmetic products in the world are sold in the Persian Gulf countries.

. Many cosmetic brands are not available in the Middle East, so Arabs are trying to buy these products abroad.

. Arabs are more loyal to the brands they use.

. The average order on e-commerce websites in the rich countries of the Persian Gulf is very high, because Arabs often order products for several family members at the same time to save on transportation.

Our advertising options:

. Extensive banner ads on the website

. Special profiles of the doctors

. Special profiles of the hospitals and clinics

. Targeted advertising

. Email list ads

. In content advertising

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