Breast Implant Illness Symptoms

What are the symptoms of breast implant illness? How common is breast implant illness? What are the symptoms of silicone toxicity? Signs and Symptoms of breast implant problems Getting breast implants can change a person’s life for the better. But in recent years, some people have suspected that their breast implants have made them very […]

How long after breast reduction will i know my size?

Breast reduction size chart

How long after breast reduction will it look normal? What size will I be after my breast reduction? The difficulty in obtaining accurate and reproducible measurements of the female breast arises from its diversity of size and shape. The lack of a standardized protocol for measurement of the breast has made it difficult to assess […]

Breast implant risks

Risks of Breast Implants There are risks associated with all breast implants, including: . Additional surgeries . Breast implant associated-anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), which is a cancer of the immune system. . Systemic symptoms, commonly referred to as Breast Implant Illness (BII) . Capsular contracture (scar tissue that squeezes the implant) . Breast pain […]

Breast implant brands

Which type of breast implant is the best? Which type of breast implant feels the most natural? What are the different brands of breast implants? Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. There are so many factors you need to consider to assure good results from your breast […]

Ivf in Yazd

IVF in Yazd, Iran In-vitro fertilization is one of the common fertility treatments in Yazd, Iran. Scientists in Yazd have been continuously conducting research in the field of infertility treatments, including IVF. Moreover, Yazd infertility Centers have been also doing various studies in different fields such as reproduction and genetics and treating thousands infertile couples […]


Coronary angiogram in iran

Echocardiogram What is an Echocardiogram? How much does Echocardiogram test cost in Iran? Although the cost of an echocardiogram is too expensive in many countries, the cost of an echo test in Iran starts from $80. Echocardiography is a test that uses sound waves to produce live images of your heart. The image is called […]

Nipple Correction Surgery

Nipple correction in iran

Inverted Nipple Treatment Nipple correction surgery before and after videos What is an Inverted Nipple? If a nipple is inverted, it lies flat against the areola or goes inward instead of sticking out. The areola is the circular area of pigmented skin around the nipple. Another name for inverted nipples is retracted nipples. Some people […]

Calf implant surgery in Iran

calf implant(calf augmentaion) iran)

Calf Implants in Iran What are Calf Implants? Calf Implants also known as calf augmentation, calf enlargement and calf enhancement. Calf augmentation with implants is a procedure to increase the size and improve the shape of the calf. Patients seek calf implants to tone and define the lower leg if it cannot be achieved with […]